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We live in challenging and often confusing times where we can bombarded by information and pressured sales, along with the old "get rich quick" schemes that have always been around. But there are alternatives. This Directory/eZine is about us all working together to anchor the light into our world rather than to lament over how dark it is. The key is to awaken into your personal spirituality and soul knowledge. Much as we think we know what would make us happy, only when you are aligned with your spirit will you hear clear guidance which always takes you to your heart's content. Our heart-based psychics can help you do this. We upload new articles regularly, soo keep popping back to see the new articles, new information and new listings.

 The ancient Circle of Stones was always a gathering place where we share some wonderful articles and stories from contributors world-wide as well as offer insights into the world's best psychics and clairvoyants. Many of our listed psychics are very well known but there are also many who work tirelessly behind the scenes helping and supporting those in need. We support everyone who comes from a place of light, peace and mutual support. There are those who wish to undermne and compete with others, but we pay them no attention. Darkness is always an expression of fear, and we all know that fear is false evidence appearing real..!


Circle of Stones came as an inspiration during a meditation.

All over the world, a simple and yet profound circle of stones is a place of gathering and sharing. Long before conventional religions and the repressive rules and regulations, ancient people gathered in the stone circles to share oneness. These places were created by our ancestors to offer a balanced perspective on life.
There is no superior position within the circle; all are equals and everyone is encouraged to open their hearts to higher guidance and inspiration. We all know about the famous Stonehenge Circle in the United Kingdom, but the Native American Indian shamans gathered in their great Medicine Wheels dotted across the plains of North America.
Many years ago, I loved, worked and trained with Native American Elders in western Canada; yet I had also received training from my Celtic teachers in far northern Scotland's famous circle of stones, Calenish in the Lewis Isles, when I was a troubled young girl. I found sitting quietly in a circle of stones, in nature, with the wind, rain and bird-song, centred me and allowed spiritual wisdom to flow from the higher realms. ... Suddenly the circles of stones blended into oneness and I felt in harmony with all aspects of my soul.
The Circle of Stones is a place of power. It belongs to no one, and yet everyone. This eZine, and the wonderful, heart based psychics who are listed in our Directory can support you on your spiritual journey. However, remember the power and the truth lies within. No one can give it to you, you have to claim it for yourself.
I hope the many articles, insights and contacts to great and wonderful teachers, psychics and spiritual workers support your journey of spiritual awakening. We have lots to share and lots for you to think about. We are always happy to receive your feedback and comments. If you scroll down below the article you have just read you can add your comments and observations. Feel free to contact me, Lesley Crossingham, the Editor via the site with any suggestions or ideas that you feel would add to our e-Zine. You can also add a star-rating for any article that you feel really made a difference to you and your life!
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