Karma is another word for destiny, fate or situations that are meant to happen in this lifetime, cause-and-effect is another possible interpretation of Karma. So be aware of your behaviour as it always has consequences and be careful what you ask for because you just might get it! We bring Karma into our current lives from past lives and previous incarnations. We have certain lessons that we need to complete and learn from, hence Karma. A soul’s journey through a lifetime is one of trying to achieve a state of perfection, we must experience all our Karmic lessons before this can be achieved. Karmic Astrology takes on many different forms. 
The Moon’s Nodes is the most commonly used method in Karmic Astrology as this enables the astrologer to explain to their client the lessons they have come here to undertake in this lifetime. People come into this incarnation with past life knowledge and experience. They are trying to leave behind the shackles of past incarnations and progress towards new karmic lessons, which are to be aspired to in this incarnation, as well as obtain the knowledge needed for future lifetimes. 
This type of astrology can be very hard-hitting, and it can explain to us why we keep making the same mistakes. We will need to go over the lessons numerous times until we become free from our past habits and ways of learning. When we start to shed the past life lessons we will become more confident about making revolutionary changes in our current life. This can sometimes be unnerving because we have no such past life experiences to call upon. On the positive side this can be very rewarding as we forge ahead on a new and exciting journey in this lifetime. There will be surprises and unexpected twists and turns which will assist us in building our character and help us in our quest for perfection of the soul. 
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Retrograde Planets - all planets that appeared to be travelling backwards at our birth also play an important role in shaping our character. This explains why and in what areas we tend to overcompensate in our lives. The role of Karma here is to help enlighten us regarding the parts of the personality we try to run and hide from, but like gravity they keep bringing us back. Then we have no choice but to work through the experiences and grow and mature from the people we meet and the situations that are presented to us. This helps us grow and understand more about our complex soul and its journey of self-discovery. We will be forced to delve deep into the soul and have a good look into the mirror of our soul so as to absorb energy, which in turn will free us and, inspired by others on their individual journeys, invite us to grow.
Joy and the Part of Fortune is the final piece of the puzzle in Karmic Astrology. This is where we find the highest potential the person can hope to aspire to in this incarnation. This does not mean where we can make the most money or where we can find complete happiness on a superficial level. This shows us where our talent lies and where our soul’s Karmic journey really leads. Some of us go through life as if we have blinkers on. But this is not ignorance as such, rather it’s that we have not yet met the person or persons who will lead us to the appropriate information which will help us unlock our greatest potential.
Karmic Astrology has been used for a long time. This does not give a personality profile nor is it meant to. But if you really are ready to discover what your truly unique purpose for being on earth is then you are ready for this type of chart. The soul is on a journey made up of different lessons of Karma (or Fate or Destiny), so when you are ready to truly discover the real you, then have your Karmic Astrology chart done and discover the real purpose of your existence.
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During my amazing journey of life and meeting and working people for many years now, the same questions keep being asked. * How can I change my life? * What am I doing wrong? * When is love coming? 

We are all searching for that special someone to share our lives with. We can look in many areas of our lives trying to fulfil this very basic instinct of belonging to someone and being in love. This is probably the most common question I get asked in a reading is when am I going to meet my soul mate or the person who will complete the other half of me. Most times people are very lonely and feel as if they are not a complete person because they do not have special person to share the important events in their lives with.

 amandatarot 002Tarot is most recognized forms of fortune-telling in today's world, used often for quick and informative answers. Tarot Cards have a colourful history, and everybody has a different story to share about where, why and how they originated. This is part of many countries colourful history and folklore. The Romany Gypsy’s have played a major role in the traditions and meanings of the of the Tarot cards being passed down through the generations. No matter what the truth is tarot is here to stay. This can be a positive and uplifting experience for the person receiving the reading. Tarot has seen many changes through the centuries, like fashion. They will continue to evolve and move with the changing times.



roseline 0222Moving home is one of the top stressful time of your life together with grieving, divorce and losing one’s job. You get out of our comfort zone, of routines, of habits. Moving house can be daunting so I prepared a Feng Shui check list to make your move as smooth as possible.  



shadow2I have been spending some time in a very remote area in Northern territory where I continue my Aboriginal and Feng Shui researches while connecting with people and with the land. I take this opportunity to listen to elders and locals. I participate to the community daily life and I like learning about our differences. I also read as much as I can in old books relating on what has been written on early aboriginal life – by this I mean:  ‘before white men’. 
This morning, in one of these old books, I read something that I think is very similar for all of us today, let’s look and make a parallel into the context of the power of our minds. I’ll share with you a couple of paragraphs on one of the ways indigenous used to fight and kill each other here in this NT region less than 2 centuries ago.

tarotspread1You’ve probably received a psychic reading or a tarot reading or two, clasped your sweaty palms together and quieted your nerves as the reader scanned the cards on the table before speaking. As a client, you already know how it feels to arrive for a reading, filled with hopes, expectations, questions and few fears about what might be revealed.  But what about the reading process for the tarot reader’s perspective?


tarotspreadFor a lovely description of the Tarot cards, please see the “What is Tarot” article in this magazine.
Tarot cards are, essentially, pieces of cardboard with interesting, symbolic pictures on them.
That’s it!
There is nothing inherently powerful or mystical about the cards themselves. The real magic and beauty of Tarot comes from the human beings that use them.