As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming new year, it is a good idea to focus on goals and align ourselves with our soul’s purpose. One easy guide is through numerology. Numerology is the wisdom of numbers for they are vibrations that affect every aspect of our lives.

This coming year is 2018 ... so if we add all the numbers together we come to eleven, which then reduces down to two. Therefore, the global energies of the year will be all about the number two, and its higher vibrational quality of eleven. Two is all about kindness, balance, tact, equalization and duality. We will all face many challenges in this regard, especially given social media and the harshness of public criticism. In addition to this number we should also calculate our personal year number. This means we add our day and month of our birth to two (this year!) So if you are  born on the first day of the first month, you add the two ones to two making four. FOUR would then be your personal number for 2018. The following year takes you to five, and so on.... Four is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so with a personal year of four we have to look at the three or four times Mercury goes retrograde this coming year.
Here are a very quick overview of the numbers:
1) One deals with strong will, positivity, pure energy. It reflects new beginnings and purity. One represents physical and mental action. If you see a lot of ones in your life it is time to take new action with courage. One is ruled by the Sun, therefore the placement of the sun this year will have profound affects on you.
2) Two is kindness, balance, tact, equalization and duality. It reflects the quiet power of needing to plan. Two beckons us to choose with others, partnerships, both in harmony and in rivalry, communication. It urges us to heal indecision and unite with like minded people. Two is ruled by the Moon, so notice the movements of the moon this year.
3) Three deals with magic, intuition, fecundity and advantage. It invokes expression, versatility and pure joy of creativity. Threes in your life symbolize your need to express yourself creatively. Three also represents new adventures and the assurance of cooperation from others. It is ruled by Mars, the planet of action and passion.
4) Four deals with stability and invokes the grounded nature of things. This includes the four seasons, four directions and four elements. Four represents solidity, calmness and home. A recurrence of four signifies the need to get back to your roots, ground yourself, as well as nurture persistence and endurance. Four is ruled by Mercury so align yourself with the ever moving mercurial planet.
5) Five deals with travel, adventures and motion. Fives can also carry instability and unpredictability, along with huge changes. We are asked to embrace the wonder of life and expect the unexpected. You need to take action and expand your horizons. This number is ruled by Jupiter.
6) Six represents harmony, balance, sincerity, love and truth. It offers us solutions for a calm and gentle year and also asks us to offer compassion, love and forgiveness in all situations. This number is ruled by Venus and so you may also be asked to serve or help others.
7) Seven deals with esoteric matters, including the study of mystery and all kinds of ancient knowledge. It is ruled by Saturn which can urge you to study more and to go deeper into ancient knowledge and wisdom. It can also mean a year of aloneness as you go deeper into your spirituality.
8) Eight deals with business, success and wealth. It is often considered a very lucky year for new wealth or the wealth of new ideas. This number is ruled by Uranus which can bring surprising and sudden changes.
9) Nine brings us to the height of vibrational frequencies. It represents attainment, satisfaction, accomplishment and our success to achieve an influence in our circumstances. Nine asks us to recognise our own internal attributes and extend these abilities out into the world to make a positive difference. It is ruled by Neptune which asks us to reach out into the unknown.
For a deeper picture, look at the movement of the various planets through your personal astrology signs but most importantly live your life in alignment with your number vibration!
Happy 2018!
December is going to be an amazing end to a rather challenging year. After 29 years of circling the zodiac Saturn will return home to the sign it rules. At the same time a powerful Gemini Full Moon may be challenging for anyone who is not grounded and in full spiritual alignment. So hold on to your boots and remember to do your inner work!
Welcome to November. This month the new moon is in the sign of Scorpio, which makes it an ideal time to set intentions related to empowerment, change, handling crisis, self-mastery, soul mates and financial partnerships of all kinds. We are in for some energetic shifts this month because Jupiter in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces, and the fire trine that began on May 10 concludes by the 17th of November. Scorpio is associated with death and endings, so we may see many endings occuring at this time. Yet it is also a powerful time for moon magic.
October has arrived, and after all the fire challenges of the last few months we can now look at some deeper changes in our lives. Jupiter is about to move from the air sign of Libra into Scorpio, heralding huge changes, and later this month Mercury also moves into Scorpio bringing issues that should be addressed to the front. This month will be a good time to clear the air and discuss the “elephant in the room” that we may have ignored, or hoped would just go away on its own.
The key to truly understanding the deeper aspects of astrology is to recognise that the heavens offer us a beautiful template of energy which, when we embrace, can help us grow and blossom in our lives. In my experience, even when we think we are “okay” in a particular area of life, such as creativity or relationships, when we align with the burgeoning energy of the new moon we can find deeper aspects of inner wisdom.
This is certainly the case with September’s new moon in Virgo. The month we continue to experience the Grand Fire Trine between Jupiter - Uranus and the Nodes. There is an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus this month which will help us face any discontent and turn our angst into answers. Any feelings of agitation can now be directed towards collaborative efforts that help us improve our situation. Pluto also turns direct and will help us release the past. This is a good time to release old thought patterns and habits that no longer serve us. We may experience an emotional release, particularly related to saying goodbye to someone or something that used to offer us security. It is time to step into a new phase of your life where we will be able to rely on inner power.
The Virgo New Moon occurs on the 20th or 21st, depending on where you live. This is a potent time to make wishes in areas ruled by Virgo, which holds dominion over efficient organizing, discernment, order, practical helpfulness, analysis, critical thinking, healthful habits, planning, willingness to adapt, and handling details of all kinds. 
Sample wishes may be: “I want to easily find myself analysing the problem of --- in a way that produces productive, happy results” ** “I want all confusion and overanalysing of my situation with -- easily lifted from me” * “I want to easily find myself accurately discerning what is important to me” * “I want to easily find myself saying the right words that lead to mutual respect, support, cooperation.” * “I want all tendencies to postpone tasks and errands totally lifted from me.”
Make your wishes in a moon diary/journal and place the book on a window sill that receives the moonlight. You will find your wishes blossoming by the full moon, two weeks later. 
This month we will experience two powerful eclipses that will trigger emotional awareness and a huge shift in consciousness that will propel us to make changes in our lives. Circle your calendar.. and get ready for a huge shift in spiritual consciousness!
The July Full Moon falls on the 8/9th in the earthy and practical sign of Capricorn. This Full Moon energy is extremely intense, but will be guiding all of us to keep on climbing like a little mountain goat!
July's NEW MOON will be in Leo, making it a wonderful and powerful time to set intentions related to : Creativity, Performance, Romance, Developing our talents, Public recognition, taking risks and children. We are entering a time of huge change with a solar eclipse occuring in August, but it all begins... in JULY!!!
It is hard to believe we are now close to the middle of 2017 and the solstice on June 21 marks the heart of winter in the southern hemisphere, and the middle of summer for the northern hemisphere. June is a powerful month for many reasons because of the many planetary movements. Jupiter stations direct on June 9th, the same day as the full moon in Sagittarius (which Jupiter rules!). Therefore it will be a powerful time for the flow opportunity and abundance to sweep through our lives. Yet Jupiter squares with Pluto asking us to balance idealism with realism.
We all look to the heavens, if only for a moment, most evenings, and we notice the beautiful, ever-changing moon glowing a silver hue above our heads. The moon is the brightest object in the sky, next to the sun and since ancient times, wise-ones have known that when we work with her many changes, we can bring spiritual changes for the better into our lives.
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