Those who follow a spiritual path know that the loss of a loved one is not an eternal loss, but more of a change of form. That knowledge, however, does not shelter us from pain and the normal stages of grieving. In the first quarter of this year there will be a destabilizing impact under Uranus and Pluto; however, you can use the potential for change to bring yourself to a healthier place in regards to your grief. Acknowledging spirit in your life can help to ease your own pain as you process your grief and transition your relationship with the departed through awareness and even communication with the presence of your loved ones.
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Stages of Grief
After the unthinkable happens there are predictable stages that most people go through as they process their pain; even a person with a highly tuned sense of the spirit world will feel the pain of loss.
The first stage is denial. This is our immediate reaction as we go numb from the news and cannot process the components of the loss or our lives. As denial fades, we normally experience anger. This can be aimed at anyone in particular, for any reason. Next is normally bargaining, where the bereaved can go over details again and again that may have changed things or try to make some kind of cosmic deal to avoid the loss. The next step is depression. The news has settled in and there is a deep wound that feels like it might ache forever. Acceptance is the last step in grief. It doesn’t mean that the person is alright with what happened. It just means a new normal has been accepted and the ability to reinvest in life gradually returns.
Time To Reflect
The news has finally been received that the person will never be on the Earth in physical form, although they will continue on in non-physical energy. Mercury will be in retrograde three times in 2019, on March 5-March 28 in Pisces, on July 8- August 1 in Cancer, and on October 31-November 20 in Scorpio. These are moments of recalibration and reflection. Use these moments to come to terms with where you´re at in the grieving process and try to view your situation from other perspectives.
Signs From Beyond
After, or perhaps during the grieving process, there are spiritual signs to look for from your loved one. This won’t remediate all the grief, but it can give a sense of being less alone and that your loved one is still looking out for you even though they are not there in physical form. You might see them in your dreams, as the unconscious mind is more susceptible to suggestions from beyond. These dreams might seem more realistic than others.
A scent that is related to your loved one might flood your senses in a moment. The same goes for a sound or a song that might be related to your departed. They can also send physical items like pennies or even seashells through the beyond to get your attention. Pay close attention during the funeral as that is a time that some of the departed are inclined to make their presence known. Whatever it is that you are noticing, take some comfort in the efforts of your loved ones to cheer you up in your time of grief. On January 20 and 21 there will be a total lunar eclipse and on July 16-17 there will be a partial lunar eclipse. These are perfect times to be sensitive to the spiritual world and to look for your loved ones as the moon controls the psyche, the emotional, and the subconscious.
Reaching Out
If passively waiting for signs is not enough, then there are ways to start the communication with your departed loved ones. One simple way to do this is to pray to your higher power, to the universe, or the person and ask for a sign that you have been heard. Meditation can help with focusing on the loved one as you begin to control the mind chatter, focus on the person and see if you sense a feeling or communication coming back to you.
Another way to make contact is to send a symbol to the after-world to show that you care and are looking for them. Holding a belonging of theirs can also help to reach out by aligning yourself with the energy of the departed. Finally, if you need help to contact your loved ones, you can use an intercessor who is gifted with connecting to the departed. Astrologically, on January 5-6 there will be a partial solar eclipse and on July 2 there will be a total solar eclipse. These will be good times to reach out to departed loved ones as the solar eclipses can be a great time to forge a new path and engage in something you have always thought about but were afraid try.
Keep an open mind and heart as you are processing your grief. Remember, the love that you shared will never die and the person who you loved will always exist in some form. Try to focus your consciousness on the signs with the knowledge that the person you loved is loving you still, even from beyond.
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The great Rudolph Steiner wrote about many aspects of spiritual growth, as well as about how to educate our children, and many other subjects. His vision of spirituality is insightful. Here are his six points of spiritual development.
We all look to the heavens, if only for a moment, most evenings, and we notice the beautiful, ever-changing moon glowing a silver hue above our heads. The moon is the brightest object in the sky, next to the sun and since ancient times, wise-ones have known that when we work with her many changes, we can bring spiritual changes for the better into our lives.
Astrology is fascinating, at least I find it so, because it predicts with absolute accuracy the underlying currents of energy that shape our world and the times we live in. Astrology was never meant to be a fortune telling device. Rather, it is a construct that enables and assists us gain spiritual wisdom and insight into our lives and our society. 
A Course In Miracles describes the separation of the one soul from the God-force and then suggests we are all on a journey back to unity. This can be likened to the “big bang” which created our universe. The explosion moves ever outwards, as it creates every star, planet and nebula. Then after millions of year, it implodes inwards, drawing everything back again. We are all part of everything. We are made of stardust, and therefore when we observe a planet or a star, we are looking at ourselves. It is hardly a wonder that these conscious beings we call stars, speak to us, and remind us that we too are on our way back to unity; back to where we came from.
Astrology, or the wisdom of the heavens, can show us the magic carpet we are all collectively riding on and how it is gently, lovingly, unfolding its wisdom in our lives as individuals, but even more importantly, as communities, cities and nations. When analysed for spiritual purposes, your natal and transit charts it can show you the best pathway to created spiritual ascension and it can show you what spiritual wounds you have come to heal.
Collectively, astrology also reveals how our society is changing and what that means for us. Some of you may remember that old song: “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!” It focused on the shifting astrological precessions that takes us, over about two thousand years, into different ages. Aquarius was seen, in the 1960s, as a beautiful and ideal world where everyone would be living harmony. This is how the “new age” movement got its name. It was named after the idea that the Aquarian Age would be better than the “Piscean Age” we currently lived in.
Because the dream of love and harmony has not manifested in the world, there is much speculation that the actual movement to the Age of Aquarius has been inaccurate or over exaggerated. Yet, if you look around the world right now you will see, very clearly, that the Age of Aquarius is well and truly here, although not fully activated.
This will not occur, at least astrologically, until 2020. Between now and then we have to ride along with Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 when it enters Aquarius and fully triggers the Aquarian energies.

Pluto in Capricorn:

Many economists and business people believe that during this transit, which began in 2009, we will see the end of capitalism as we know it. Yes, that is a bold statement, but one that is expressed by economists and financial experts, not necessary astrologists. 
Because of the internet and our new technology (Aquarius rules technology and innovation) those areas of human existence are likely to be in the forefront of human consciousness. 
Political adviser to Angela Merkel and author Jeremy Rifkin has said that our current times present us with “the first new economic system since the advent of capitalism and socialism in the early 19th century.” He says this in response to the fact that large organizations have become disrupted because of the internet’s ability to let individuals and small groups compete with the major players. Suddenly, it seems 3D printing and tech advances in logistics have become easily attainable to anyone. Expensive technology can be copied in seconds, and because of mail order internet sites, sold very cheaply. People can now download movies, music and television programs from illegal torrent sites and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. 
“We are seeing the final triumph of capitalism followed by its exit off the world stage and the entrance of the collaborative commons,” Rifkin predicts.
This dilemma is typical of the expression of the astrological cycle of Pluto (destruction and rebirth) in Capricorn (social structures and monetary systems) in a challenging square to Uranus (disruption and revolution) in Aries (individual rights and liberty) over the past eight or nine years.
Pluto will leave Capricorn for Aquarius in 2023, after the Aquarian conjunction in 2020. At the same time, computer and technology scientists have long predicted (via science!) that that this same period of time (2023-2043) will correspond with the “Singularity” -the point at which technological (artificial) intelligence exceeds human intelligence. 
We must remember that since the financial systems of today’s global powers are not based on actual currency but on “confidence” which is another word for trust, these systems can be easily transformed with technological and ideological changes.  
A new kind of currency, Bitcoin, which is not controlled by any governmental body was introduced to the world in 2009 just after Pluto entered Capricorn. Surely this is perhaps a sign of what is to come as we enter Aquarius. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius could be a future where technology liberates humans (Pluto in Aquarius) from the shackles of corporations and governmental restrictions (Pluto in Capricorn) and we should be hopeful. Yet as rosy as that sounds, Aquarius does have a dark side, and it behoves us to focus on the total picture of Aquarius, and not just the words to that old song. 
Aquarius governs technology and is ruled by Uranus, which incidentally was discovered the same year we invented television! However, Aquarius can be lost and distracted by the pursuit of perfection. Under this kind of pressure, extreme political correctness and over sensitivity to individual liberties can easily erode the cohesion of our communities and bring about a sort of Mad Max-type, lone wolf chaos.
The idea of a “collaborative commons” a term bandied about right now, represents Aquarius at its highest form of expression, where everyone works together for a common good. This is our collective challenge and sadly it is not a certainty!
If we work together, and allow the highest vibration of Uranus/Aquarius grow within our hearts, and if we all do our individual inner work, Pluto’s entry into Aquarius can and will enable us to embrace a Utopian future. This would mean the end of the innumerable miseries that capitalism has brought to the world. If we do not do our inner work, we could end up in a dystopia of epic proportions.
I believe this dilemma is being expressed in the arts with movies such as the Hunger Games, and the many various vampire movies. They express the unconscious knowing we all share that we are heading towards an energetic crossroads that will take us into the light or the darkness. This is our collective horizon, and it is not too far away.
This Article was written by Astrologer, author and artist Lesley Crossingham. Lesley offers personalized astrological charts that focus in on your spiritual lessons and areas of karmic growth. For more information on Lesley, or to order one of her amazing, indepth charts, please contact her via her listing, or via her personal website!

So many of us are drawn to the mysteries of the universe, and that includes the ability to manifest or “wish” certain experiences into our lives. This method is called magic, which should not be confused with the conjurers tricks, but rather a deeper understanding of how to harness the energies of the universe to work with us, rather than against us.

We are entering a profound time with both Pluto and Mars turning retrograde from 17 April. These two powerful engines of the self turn inward and brings the number of planets currently retrograde to four, including Jupiter and Saturn. These retrogrades mark a period where many of us will direct our efforts inward, to the unconscious as well as our dreams and wishes that may have been neglected.
All spiritual pathways recommend meditation as a regular spiritual practice. Meditation is, in essence, a quietening of the mind to allow deep connection with the eternal essence or soul. This might also include receiving guidance and messages from the angels or spiritual masters. Or it could mean simply bathing in the quiet gentles of non-thinking and deep restfulness.
Every month on the day of the new moon, the energies in our world open to receive new seeds. For centuries farmers used these cycles for planting crops and we can use this same potent energy for stating and affirming our dreams and goals. This is a power time for everyone, if they care to use it. However, it works best when we align with the astrological sign of the new moon in question... and January’s new moon is in CAPRICORN!
So many of us struggle with life and wonder why, at least in some areas, life runs smoothly, but in other areas we struggle. The ancients believed that these difficulties were outlined for us by Saturn in the birthchart. It seems that whatever this planet touches in the horoscope we see a tendency to reach true potential only after years of struggle and maturation. In this series I will explore major aspects between various planets and Saturn, beginning with the Sun. If you have had your natal chart made check it out and see if you have squares, oppositions or conjunctions between your Natal Sun and your Natal Saturn and this will all make sense.
We are living in times of huge changes and great division. Humanity is now experiencing the best of times, and the worst of times. Switch on the television and you will see many suffering from drug and substance addiction and great personal pain. Many of these people are EMPATHS. An Empath is a person who not only has psychic ability, but has a "whole body" spiritual ability to not only see and hear spiritual communication, but to experience it in the body and in the mind. Many Empaths are so open and sensitive that they choose to numb themselves with drugs and alcohol in a vain attempt to stiffle these experiences. Sadly, it never works!
In ancient times the Mystery Schools protected the secrets of the mystics and guided EMPATHS and others who were ready to awaken their inner powers. These secrets were written in a Grimoire or a Codex and gifted to the new student to guide him/her. A codex is a textbook compiled from other books or references. It contains the wisdom of magic, both light and dark. I have compiled this information in my book.; THE EMPATH and it contains a compilation of wisdom magic offered to me in the Scottish Mystery Schools of the Outer Island, many years ago. 
Many people confuse psychic ability with being an EMPATH, but there is a huge difference. A Psychic can switch off their abilities. They can cloak themselves with white light or golden protection and see and feel nothing. an EMPATH cannot do this. He or she is constantly alert, switched on and sensitive to the thoughts, machinations, conspiracies and negavitity all around them. THIS CAN DRIVE THEM into extreme behaviour, including drug addiction or simply running away to live as a recluse!
Can you relate?
Much as many psychics tell you to only focus on the light and positive aspects of life in this world, sadly there is a dark side, and EMPATHS are very sensitive to the darkness. To simply tell them to "pull themselves together" and ignore the darkness not only insults their intelligence, but can drive very sensitive people into all kinds of addictions in order to remain relatively sane. The darkness is part of this world and EMPATHS are here to underline it and to dissolve it back into universe where it can transform into light.
In my book I offer a quick quiz on how to discover your own EMPATH abilities. You do not need to do expensive "courses" or "workshops" with dubious alleged "Empaths" .. you simply need to study yourself, your reactions, your feelings and your knowing. A genuine EMPATH has all the wisdom he or she needs already WITHIN themselves. A Codex, such as the one I have compiled is invaluable, but there are many other sources of information. Try to steer away from "alleged" experts who want to train you in their particular method of spiritual awakening. Instead, become your own expert and learn the truth about this world.
One vital element every EMPATH should study, and probably has already bumped up against is known as The Grand Deception: Up until recently, all awakening spiritual adepts were given the secret knowledge of the dark agenda and they found ways to undermine it, or at least protect themselves and others. This knowledge was kept secret in order not to overly frighten ordinary, non-awakened people, and to ensure the dark shadow-monkeys were unaware of how much the spiritual masters knew. Over time, the dark ones convinced everyone that darkness did not exist and that all spiritual levels were "sweetness and light" This great lie is called the Grand Deception. It is offered today by pseudo-spiritualists, or dark-shadow-masters who are in fact simply self-help gurus, stating that the only thing we need to be aware of is the light. There is an aspect of truth in this, however, we need to be aware of the hidden agendas and the temptation to walk in darkness without realizing!
THE EMPATH BOOK is a compilation of the pertinent and important elements of spiritual wisdom. Most of this information has been kept secret but is now being released because of the huge numbers of incarnating Empaths coming into the world. The world is about to change enormously and rapidly, however, we are collectively standing on the fulcrum which can tip either way. Unless the light works to strengthen the truth, we may still tip in the wrong direction.
One sign that this choice is now urgent is the increasing numbers of people suffering from mental disabilities, illnesses, depression as well as the huge suicide rates! So many people are now taking legal drugs for depression and mental illnesses that spiritual awakening becomes just about impossible. At the same time, because of depression illnesses, others seek out illegal drugs to numb the mind and sadly, the spirit. Added together this amounts to a huge percentage of the population.
If you see this dilemma either in your own life, or in the lives of others, you may be an awakening Empath. Many Empaths are spiritually influenced and impressed with evil intentions and then "used" to manifest a dark agenda. Empths are powerful, but without training, they can be naive and easily influenced by other "experts" who are usually dark magicians. If you feel you are an Empath and feel confused and pulled in many directions at the same time, it is imperative that you understand your powers and abilities. You are a target because of your sensitivities. You need to gain some insights into the shadow worlds, the dark ones and the prison of the Nagual worlds.
This book is not for the faint-hearted, or for the strongly religious. It is for the awakening free spirit who is ready to soar like an eagle. My book is available through my website, at my Stand at the MIND BODY SPIRIT festivals, or via AMAZON as an eBook. Please send it to any friend or relative who is experiementing with illegal drugs in an effort to dull the constant flow of EMPATH energy. It may save their lives!
Lesley Crossingham is a spiritual artist and a spiritual author of over thirty books. Please visit her site to buy this book and to read the many articles she has written on this subject matter!
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