October has arrived, and after all the fire challenges of the last few months we can now look at some deeper changes in our lives. Jupiter is about to move from the air sign of Libra into Scorpio, heralding huge changes, and later this month Mercury also moves into Scorpio bringing issues that should be addressed to the front. This month will be a good time to clear the air and discuss the “elephant in the room” that we may have ignored, or hoped would just go away on its own.
The key to truly understanding the deeper aspects of astrology is to recognise that the heavens offer us a beautiful template of energy which, when we embrace, can help us grow and blossom in our lives. In my experience, even when we think we are “okay” in a particular area of life, such as creativity or relationships, when we align with the burgeoning energy of the new moon we can find deeper aspects of inner wisdom.
This is certainly the case with September’s new moon in Virgo. The month we continue to experience the Grand Fire Trine between Jupiter - Uranus and the Nodes. There is an opposition between Jupiter and Uranus this month which will help us face any discontent and turn our angst into answers. Any feelings of agitation can now be directed towards collaborative efforts that help us improve our situation. Pluto also turns direct and will help us release the past. This is a good time to release old thought patterns and habits that no longer serve us. We may experience an emotional release, particularly related to saying goodbye to someone or something that used to offer us security. It is time to step into a new phase of your life where we will be able to rely on inner power.
The Virgo New Moon occurs on the 20th or 21st, depending on where you live. This is a potent time to make wishes in areas ruled by Virgo, which holds dominion over efficient organizing, discernment, order, practical helpfulness, analysis, critical thinking, healthful habits, planning, willingness to adapt, and handling details of all kinds. 
Sample wishes may be: “I want to easily find myself analysing the problem of --- in a way that produces productive, happy results” ** “I want all confusion and overanalysing of my situation with -- easily lifted from me” * “I want to easily find myself accurately discerning what is important to me” * “I want to easily find myself saying the right words that lead to mutual respect, support, cooperation.” * “I want all tendencies to postpone tasks and errands totally lifted from me.”
Make your wishes in a moon diary/journal and place the book on a window sill that receives the moonlight. You will find your wishes blossoming by the full moon, two weeks later.