Tarot Cards are still one of the most popular and exciting forms of fortune-telling or divination in these modern times, says Simply Tarot's Amanda Hall.
In this article, Amanda writes about the history and the wisdom of the Tarot. The history of the tarot is rich and mysterious. Everyone lays claim to fame of having invented the tarot. 
The lovely Jeanette Jones has been voted the Queensland psychic of the year for two years running! Find Your Psychic interviewed Jeanette to gain some insights into her own spiritual journey and how she embraced her natural psychic skills. However, the journey was not always smooth or easy for Jeanette because her experiences started when she was just a child.
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 1) What was your first psychic or spiritual experience? 
I grew up in a household where my grandmother was a practising medium and a phrenologist and never thought it strange when “spirit people / ghosts” were mentioned, strange occurrences were not given any second thought and strangers huddled with her to speak about very personal affairs.  It was only when I went to a Convent school where I was told I was wicked” to speak f such things that I realised not all households were like ours.
 2) When did you know you had psychic abilities...Tell us all little about your awakening:
As a child, I had frequent vivid dreams, nightmares and slept-walked regularly.  My grandmother and mother told me that while in that state, I told them some weird encounters but when I mentioned it in the mornings, I was told I was only dreaming.  My grandmother however, always encouraged me to tell her all I remembered and never seemed to disbelieve me.  My sleepwalking took me outside the home many times and often I was brought home by strangers or told my parents that someone walked me home.
3) What or who inspires you?
My grandmother was, and is, my inspiration.  Her energy is always strong around me and I only became aware of that when I attended a Psychic Fair in Scotland in 1980 and a spirit guide artist drew her picture so realistically, down to the kimono she was buried in. She told me that my grandmother wanted me to do the work she did and to never doubt that she would help and protect me wherever I am and whoever I worked with.
 4) Describe what a client would experience in a session with you.
I would like a client to always feel I am honest with them, yet sympathetic and empathetic to their situation and circumstances.  I inject as much optimism as I can into the consult, and as I am a strong believer in having “An Attitude of Gratitude” I try to let my client see what is salvageable from their current environment, give them options to work with and help them with making decisions based on their Numerology, Tarot and Zen cards and with channelled messages from their angels and guides. 
jeanette15.)    What do you see as the biggest
Obstacle to inner peace that you
see or experience in your clients?
Doubt, fear of the future when making difficult decisions, giving away their personal power by falling in with other people’s wishes and dreams, dislike of being alone, feeling helpless without money, clinging to the past…………….not believing in themselves.
 6) What inspired you to take up your profession?
Can’t quite answer that Q as I feel it was a natural progression that I would end up doing something in the Metaphysical field.  I used ordinary playing cards when I was a teenager and was a “fortune-teller” (hate that word) as it was all about predicting love, school, friends, travel and future potential.  But it was only when I lived in Scotland and joined the Spiritual churches there that the way I did my readings changed as I learned to develop my Spiritual consciousness and connect with my own Guides. I began to feel inspired as I improved under the watchful eyes of many brilliant women and men there who obviously saw something within me worth developing.
 7) If you have a message for the world, what would it be?
That we are destroying Mother Earth and that as children of the Universe, we have a moral obligation to protect her and make her whole and healthy again, so we can leave a decent legacy for the future generation.
 Jeanette was voted Queensland Psychic of the Year, four years in a row, by you, the public. 
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The lovely Amira is an International Celebrity psychic. She travels the world and offers her teachings, insights and psychic visions. Amira is a charming TV host with a vast background with the media in television and radio. She has worked all over the world including the Middle East, Europe, USA and Australia, in film, radio and television.
Amira is also a magazine writer and her psychic predictions about world events have baffled and amazed sceptics. Most importantly, her predictions include insights she sees about your life, your loves and your journey in this world. She has also written several articles over the years for magazine publications. Those of us who have had the pleasure to know her work are always baffled by her uncannily accurate predictions of world events and her speciality in love predictions. This in itself is amazing to say the least!
Amira is one our most popular psychics. She was voted by our viewers to be the very best, Find Your Psychic Psychic of the Year by her clients!  
To add to Amira's Services and her amazing deck of cards - Amira's Love Oracle Cards she received many requests from clients to add to her audio and video downloads on specific subjects where people needed help in the following areas - How To Detach from Unavailable Lovers, How to Remove Money Blocks, Past Life Regression, How to create and publish an Oracle Card Deck and Amira's Dating Course for Women. These downloads are affordable and range from $7.77. Here is the link..
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Award winning psychic, Tarot Card Reader and Astrologer, Amanda Hall of Simply Tarot, commenced her journey into Psychic work when she was very young. Now with a career spanning over 40 years Tarot has always been my passion. Followed now very closely with Astrology and all the wisdom and guidance of the stars in the universe 

Amanda has been fortunate to receive many industry awards for my Psychic work. This includes: * Psychic Hall Of Fame -  2013 and Psychic  Of The Year  2014|15|16I 
Amanda loves working with the Tarot Cards as they are picture cards and share with us their story of your life is changing and forever evolving as we move through life.
Amanda took up Astrology very early in my career as it had always fascinated me and was drawn to the heavens. This quickly became one of my favourite tools along with Tarot. Astrology is a researched science and this appealed to me as it was not guess work or open to vague interpretation. There was definite time factors and guide lines to follow and this gave precise information and guidance. Astrology Chart is a map of birth like a pollard photo of the planets in the Solar System. They determine your personality and how you emotionally approach the journey of life.
Amanda also offers Tarot and Astrology courses and workshops as well as personal readings. Please check out the details on her website by following the link below:

Amanda Hall – Psychic Qualifications include: 

Physic Hall Of Fame Australia 2013
Australian Psychic of Year 2014/15/16
Cert 1V in Training & Assessment
Cert 1V in Small Business Management
Train The Trainer 1 and 11
Teaching tarot & astrology over 35 years
Published author with Hinkler Books Australia
Former Senior Psychic Astrologer – Trainer Eso Tv
Former Senior Psychic Astrologer – Trainer Psychic Tv
Featured on A1R Psychic Radio on Moonstruck TV
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angel 02We might think that on psychics have intuition. In fact we all have intuition because it is a kind of inner wisdom which springs up on its own whenever needed. It is not created by any rational effort of the mind but instead is simply every person’s our inner voice of wisdom which is ever present. It always pointed towards truth and our well being and security.


The word itself means inner teacher - or inner tuition/tutor.


Although we often hear people say they have no intuition, this is always a false statement. If you feel you have no intuition it just means that you need to work on ways of strengthening your inner voice, and your inner feelings.