The December Solstice (Summer Solstice) is on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 8:44 pm in Brisbane.

We celebrate the longest day or the summer solstice on december 21st in the southern hemisphere. Ancient people believed that the Earth Mother Goddess was pregnant and would give birth at Lammas, known as Midsummer. The solstice is one of the eight great spokes on the Celtic wheel of the seasons. The Solstice (meaning sun stands still) is universally recognized in all cultures as an important turning point. Sun energy is at its peak and we feel the primal creative force of the Sun. 
The key teaching is one of gratitude and celebration of the beauty of what is. Gratitude is a powerful feeling state that leads to abundance. It is a vibrational dimension that helps us express love. When we are in the feeling of love we automatically connect with feelings of gratitude and thus we are expansive and inclusive.  Midsummer, in Celtic tradition, was one of the great Spirit Nights of the year. It is a wonderful time to tune into the well-being that is everywhere. Gardens are blooming, the weather is generally temperate, birds are singing their hearts out, and there is a feeling of fun and lightness. A few days later we celebrate Christmas, the arrival of the Christed one in the world and in our hearts.
Gratitude as well as love is a practiced perception. Notice the feelings you have when you focus on certain things, but be careful not to stay on something that creates uncomfortable feelings for very long. The habit of searching for and then concentrating on problems in your life is just that: a habit. So during this very powerful time of the Summer Solstice, begin a new practice, one of focusing on gratitude: for nature, for the sun, for the beauty bursting out everywhere.
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The longest day is a time where you can make a new promise to yourself. The sun is the bringing of light and enlightenment, so making pledges at this time are strengthened by the energy of warmth and growth. So create your own ceremony of renewal, change and hope. Fine a lovely place and start with focusing on natural beauty and add images of other aspects of your life that will continue the lovely feeling of gratitude. If you choose, repeat an affirmation that feels really good when you say it such as “I walk in beauty,” or “I am love,” any statement that feels really good to you and then celebrate what is good In this moment and throughout the day, feel the gratitude and celebrate love in all its forms, and as you focus on the light, you will become the light that shines this truth out into the world.

birdcageAll Psychics tell us that this world is a place of learning. Your physical body is merely a vehicle. Your eternal essence, your soul or spirit, has never left its eternal home. Yet we often feel we have been abandoned here in a confusing world and seek solace in work, play, and other distractions, until we realise we are utterly and totally lonely for inner truth.