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Hello Friends, I have been on the most magical journey for the past two years, exploring Iceland and the UK which is rich is folk lore. The little people or as we like to say the fairies, elves and elementals.




There are also ancient trees, stone circles and stories of Dragons, Kings and Queens ! Not just the Kings and Queens of England that we know of, but of the hidden people, the elves and fairies. The rich and captivating folklore of the lands.


It's very easy to get swept up in the fairytales and folklore in Iceland. With a population sitting at around 330 thousand people, a lot of this magical land is left untouched. You can't help but feel that you have stepped into a whole new dimension. Some people call this place Narnia, from the movie The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe . Just google Narnia Iceland and see what you find ! It's no wonder that over half the population believe in elves. They call them the hidden people.


It's not so much that they hide, but they can blend in so well with their environment that unless you are sensitive to their ways you would walk right pass them and not even notice. When they want to be seen, they simple pop out; not from behind anything rather they transform into a 3d or 4d form that we can notice. I have been making the most magical aura sprays that the hidden people help me make, please visit the shop on my website for more details.


I have just returned from Avebury, where i met the most amazing lady who lives there & was my bed and breakfast host for the week. Everyday i would go out and join a group of friends , as we would tune in to the most amazing energies there.


One day I met a druid who was dressed up in his full attire at the main stone circle. The druid was telling me how each stone means a different thing. Some would visit this stone for information on love or that stone for information on wealth; but for me I felt like I was staying in a giant computer grid.


For me it was like the stone circles are antennas bringing in information into the land and then distributing that information thru the lay lines, which is like our own meridian system.

The Earth is body just like we are a body. The Earth has charkas just like we do, an aura like we do and energy lines that run thru the planet that some say the Dragons created in another time, in another dimensions and left cosmic dragon eggs that will hatch for new information as the planet needs it.


The whole reason why we are drawn to go to this place or that place is so we can walk on land to activate in our own cells ,a remembrance of what we need to bring in awaken in this lifetime.




This is what drew me to the Highlands of Scotland. The name Ross is from Inverness, my whole heritage is from this area. Here i visited the Ancient Yew Tree, and the most amazing elemental waterfalls, I went to Skye, Orkney, Skara Brae to name a few but i think i will leave this for another day.


These things we know happen in threes ! I feel i will go back one more time as there a deep part of me that wants to sit in Merlin's cave in Wales; visit the Isle of Iona where a major stargate sits and then head on over to Ireland.

So much love... Fiona





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Kerrie is the author of five books, several meditation cds and intuitive guidance cards. Kerrie is a leading communicator in Australia and overseas. Specialising in Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy work and now Cell and Organ Regeneration Healing Work, Kerrie also has trained with the Doloris Cannon Method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy that is working and communicating with the sub-conscious mind to receive answers for healing and guidance. 


Kerrie 16


Kerrie also channels the Ancient Indian rite of Feather healing given to Kerrie from her Past lives and from the American Indian Ancestors of her children.Kerrie has worked extensively in her field of Hypnotherapy and psychic readings which include in-depth Palmistry, 6 and 12 months card and clairvoyant reading and up to two years into the future. This includes aura interpretation and a small guide drawing. Also mediumship with passed over family members. Kerrie had a Healing Centre in Sydney over 20 years ago, with float tanks and crystals, studied Metaphysics for over four years and has taught different subjects including Palmistry at Tafe College. Kerrie travels world-wide, including Singapore and is available for consultations in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and some country areas.


Kerrie is also the recipient of the Find Your Psychic Award for spiritual hypnotherapy, for 2016.


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Kerrie's Angels

Published in PATHWAYS OF EMPOWERMENT    Written by Editor
Your Angels want your heart to sing! In the last year has your heart been singing? Have you been fulfilling your purpose or have you been settling for second best? Your Angels are all around you, even in the cells of your body, assisting you with health, love and  making decisions. Your Angels have been with you since the beginning of each of your lifetimes.
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Think of all the things that make your heart sing. Doing a favour for a friend. Walking on the beach. Taking the trip thats on your bucket list. Meditation. Holding your child or grandchild for the first time. A kiss with your true love. Life is too short find your singing Heart. The children being born now are advanced souls, many have already been prepared for special work on the earth plane.


kerriecards 03I remember a dream I had , I was in heaven watching a huge Archangel teaching babies. The babies were lying on tables all facing the same direction and the Archangel was standing behind them.  The Archangel would move one arm and all the babies would do the same, then the Archangel would move a leg and the babies would repeat each movement. These babies were learning mental telepathy,tuning into this Archangel - how  special is that!  


Are you asking for your Angels help? Or are your Angels lying around in hammocks snoozing, time to get your Angel moving and out of the Hammocks. Your Angels love you asking for help, Do it now and see what happens. 

 Award Kerrie16 2

Reading: With Kerrie Edwards-Tichurst and the Angel and Guide Cards which Kerrie Designed simple and easy to interpret. For this month's reading , many of you (as the cards to the right show ) are wanting to nourish yourself more and recharge your batteries for September also taking a look at your budget, how are you managing your money? *Moving to the 2 lower cards . Time to get clear on what you want and don't want for September. A lot of people will have more DaJaVu , meeting people from your past lives so a strong connection , obstacles will be overcome. : *To the far left you have your Higher Purpose , Archangel Michael protecting you and bringing opportunities ,a big breakthrough no limits now , go for it . The Cards at the top of the layout. * The Rewards : Time of Personal Power with Rewards now for all the hard work you have put in. Also a time to play and have fun Also you will hear of much wanted pregnancy.





Please contact Kerrie through her  website. She is available for telephone readings as well as personal readings. She also offers regular workshops and seminars on developing your own inner psychic abilities. Kerrie has more than thirty years experience as a clairvoyant and psychic.


03 Mar
Melbourne and Victorian Psychic of the year for 2016, Fiona Ross has dedicated her life to her spiritual abilities. In this interview we asked Fiona to tell us a little bit more about her life and how she was inspired to step into the spiritual realm:
1) What was your first psychic or spiritual experience?
When I was a small child for as long as I can remember I use to “play” with lights, invisible people, and swinging objects. When i got a bit older and could walk around I would get up in the middle of the night and follow my mum around the house, she would always walk back into her room where i would find my mum asleep. I would think nothing of it and curl on the floor next to my mum and sleep there all night. It was not until my mum asked why was I most nights asleep on the floor next to her bed when I replied I was just following you. My mum told me that her mum my grandmother who died when my mum was 13 years old and who I never met was a spitting image of her, and that if i saw her again I should just stay in my bed. I do remember her coming a few more times but when i found out it was not my mum i got scared and started to block my gift.
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2) When did you know you had psychic abilities... tell us all little about your awakening:
 I was 16 when i started joining the dots, I did not even know what “psychic abilities” meant or even what a psychic was. My family guarded it all from me. My sister Elizabeth died when she was 3, and as you can imagine it was very upsetting for all of us. One night while crying myself to sleep, my whole bedroom wall turned into a mural of the smurfs village that I loved and collected. Walking down the path was a beautiful girl with blonde curly hair, just like a doll with a blue dress, white pull up socks and black shiny shoes. She walked out of the wall and into my bedroom and she was glowing and looked like an angel. She smiled at me and looked so peaceful and happy and i knew that it was my sister saying she was ok; better than ok actually she looked so beautiful and radiant. Elizabeth lifted my doona and pulled it over my shoulder and the weight of the doona falling on my shoulder woke me up and then i knew it was a dream. I knew there and then Elizabeth would be with me always and i started investing ways to contact the other side to find my childhood friends and family. Till this day I say mothers and grandmothers keep me feed and clothed. The spirits always brings to me ( us – my sister and I ) clients seeking connections to their mothers, grandmothers and children. Even during expos and festivals I always always have two chairs out front. One for person and one for their daughter, mother, grandmother. Children run all over to play with my ribbons as I know my sister and grandmother are there standing beside me attracting likeminded people x
3)    What or who inspires you?
 Nature ! birds, sunrises and sunsets. Trees and the breeze. I love the elementals and devic realm. I recently just came back from Iceland . It was amazing, the little people, the lava people the rock people. Over 60% of Icelanders believe in elves, anyone would walking around there it is just so magical and with only 300 thousand people its really clear and pure. While I was studying mediumship and mystery school ( pre facebook – all snail mail ha ) I really enjoyed Alice Bailey, Carolyn Myss, Silva Browne, Dali Lama and I love Mooji too
4)    Describe what a client would experience in a session with you.
A deep connection to themselves and a true understanding of their place in the world. Yes I do mediumship and past, present and future readings – but what sets me apart i believe is reading your energy, your hooks , flows and blockages in your own aura and i do this with my ribbons. This allows me to track what you are investing your energy in. Once we are aware of that, once we understand exactly where we stand and why the rest is easy peasy. Anyone can make a prediction but we show you the FLOW and allow you the options to choose your own destiny. This we are super proud of. Some things a pre ordained – we do have soul contracts and karma but we also have freewill, angels and divine intervention. We are powerful beyond measure. All readings are recorded and everyone is allowed to take photos of the yearly spread, their gifts and theme of the year. No one leaves with questions.
5)    What do you see as the biggest obstacle to inner peace that you see or experience in your clients?
 A belief in themselves. If they could see themselves as i do, they would never doubt themselves again.
6)    What inspired you to take up your profession?
 I love all of it ! but for the longest time, like around 20 years i never found my corner!  I did Reiki when i was 18, did mystery school, attended I AM University, learnt the Keys of Enoch, attended Psychic and Mediumship circles – you name it i did ! I even have a Dip in Shiatsu and tried out being a yogi for a few years. One year at a solstice, the group i was in we where all doing flower readings on each other. One girl bought in ribbons that she had sown together. She gave us these ribbons to read, and in that moment – like a spinning top, sliding doors EVERYTHING i even learnt aligned on the ribbons and everything just made sense ! The charkas, the meridians, loved ones present, just everything in that moment I knew ribbons was my medium.
That night i had a dream and in that dream that i can only explain as with the angels due to the white flowing light around me going up and down like wings. There was me and 12 angels and we were all sitting around a big oval table and i was writing all the information they where giving me. The angels explained that each day has a color and each color has an angel and each angel has a crystal and each crystal as a guardian and on and on  it goes. The next day i woke and wrote all the information out. I went to spotlight, sewed my ribbons together and called an expo to find work. At 1st they said they where not looking for anymore readers and i was so disappointed and did not understand why i have that dream, wrote a small info booklet, made my ribbons and got a no? But as fate would have it 2 weeks later they called me back and said that they changed their mind and where happy to give me ago; From there I have never looked back x
7)    If you have a message for the world, what would it be?
 I like to tell people Earth is not a school disco, your angels do you just randomly drop you off and pick you up later ! Every step, every thought, every action your guides and angels are right there with you .
You are so loved, and there is nothing the other side wants you to know more than for you to know just how amazing you are. Acceptance is the key to everything, including knowing your worth and loving that x
Please contact Fiona via her website or her facebook page by clicking on this link:
All spiritual pathways recommend meditation as a regular spiritual practice. Meditation is, in essence, a quietening of the mind to allow deep connection with the eternal essence or soul. This might also include receiving guidance and messages from the angels or spiritual masters. Or it could mean simply bathing in the quiet gentles of non-thinking and deep restfulness.
So many of us struggle with life and wonder why, at least in some areas, life runs smoothly, but in other areas we struggle. The ancients believed that these difficulties were outlined for us by Saturn in the birthchart. It seems that whatever this planet touches in the horoscope we see a tendency to reach true potential only after years of struggle and maturation. In this series I will explore major aspects between various planets and Saturn, beginning with the Sun. If you have had your natal chart made check it out and see if you have squares, oppositions or conjunctions between your Natal Sun and your Natal Saturn and this will all make sense.
We are living in times of huge changes and great division. Humanity is now experiencing the best of times, and the worst of times. Switch on the television and you will see many suffering from drug and substance addiction and great personal pain. Many of these people are EMPATHS. An Empath is a person who not only has psychic ability, but has a "whole body" spiritual ability to not only see and hear spiritual communication, but to experience it in the body and in the mind. Many Empaths are so open and sensitive that they choose to numb themselves with drugs and alcohol in a vain attempt to stiffle these experiences. Sadly, it never works!
In ancient times the Mystery Schools protected the secrets of the mystics and guided EMPATHS and others who were ready to awaken their inner powers. These secrets were written in a Grimoire or a Codex and gifted to the new student to guide him/her. A codex is a textbook compiled from other books or references. It contains the wisdom of magic, both light and dark. I have compiled this information in my book.; THE EMPATH and it contains a compilation of wisdom magic offered to me in the Scottish Mystery Schools of the Outer Island, many years ago. 
Many people confuse psychic ability with being an EMPATH, but there is a huge difference. A Psychic can switch off their abilities. They can cloak themselves with white light or golden protection and see and feel nothing. an EMPATH cannot do this. He or she is constantly alert, switched on and sensitive to the thoughts, machinations, conspiracies and negavitity all around them. THIS CAN DRIVE THEM into extreme behaviour, including drug addiction or simply running away to live as a recluse!
Can you relate?
Much as many psychics tell you to only focus on the light and positive aspects of life in this world, sadly there is a dark side, and EMPATHS are very sensitive to the darkness. To simply tell them to "pull themselves together" and ignore the darkness not only insults their intelligence, but can drive very sensitive people into all kinds of addictions in order to remain relatively sane. The darkness is part of this world and EMPATHS are here to underline it and to dissolve it back into universe where it can transform into light.
In my book I offer a quick quiz on how to discover your own EMPATH abilities. You do not need to do expensive "courses" or "workshops" with dubious alleged "Empaths" .. you simply need to study yourself, your reactions, your feelings and your knowing. A genuine EMPATH has all the wisdom he or she needs already WITHIN themselves. A Codex, such as the one I have compiled is invaluable, but there are many other sources of information. Try to steer away from "alleged" experts who want to train you in their particular method of spiritual awakening. Instead, become your own expert and learn the truth about this world.
One vital element every EMPATH should study, and probably has already bumped up against is known as The Grand Deception: Up until recently, all awakening spiritual adepts were given the secret knowledge of the dark agenda and they found ways to undermine it, or at least protect themselves and others. This knowledge was kept secret in order not to overly frighten ordinary, non-awakened people, and to ensure the dark shadow-monkeys were unaware of how much the spiritual masters knew. Over time, the dark ones convinced everyone that darkness did not exist and that all spiritual levels were "sweetness and light" This great lie is called the Grand Deception. It is offered today by pseudo-spiritualists, or dark-shadow-masters who are in fact simply self-help gurus, stating that the only thing we need to be aware of is the light. There is an aspect of truth in this, however, we need to be aware of the hidden agendas and the temptation to walk in darkness without realizing!
THE EMPATH BOOK is a compilation of the pertinent and important elements of spiritual wisdom. Most of this information has been kept secret but is now being released because of the huge numbers of incarnating Empaths coming into the world. The world is about to change enormously and rapidly, however, we are collectively standing on the fulcrum which can tip either way. Unless the light works to strengthen the truth, we may still tip in the wrong direction.
One sign that this choice is now urgent is the increasing numbers of people suffering from mental disabilities, illnesses, depression as well as the huge suicide rates! So many people are now taking legal drugs for depression and mental illnesses that spiritual awakening becomes just about impossible. At the same time, because of depression illnesses, others seek out illegal drugs to numb the mind and sadly, the spirit. Added together this amounts to a huge percentage of the population.
If you see this dilemma either in your own life, or in the lives of others, you may be an awakening Empath. Many Empaths are spiritually influenced and impressed with evil intentions and then "used" to manifest a dark agenda. Empths are powerful, but without training, they can be naive and easily influenced by other "experts" who are usually dark magicians. If you feel you are an Empath and feel confused and pulled in many directions at the same time, it is imperative that you understand your powers and abilities. You are a target because of your sensitivities. You need to gain some insights into the shadow worlds, the dark ones and the prison of the Nagual worlds.
This book is not for the faint-hearted, or for the strongly religious. It is for the awakening free spirit who is ready to soar like an eagle. My book is available through my website, at my Stand at the MIND BODY SPIRIT festivals, or via AMAZON as an eBook. Please send it to any friend or relative who is experiementing with illegal drugs in an effort to dull the constant flow of EMPATH energy. It may save their lives!
Lesley Crossingham is a spiritual artist and a spiritual author of over thirty books. Please visit her site to buy this book and to read the many articles she has written on this subject matter!
So many people see Yoga as an exercise or keep fit class. That is only one small aspect of this ancient wisdom. The deeper teachings of yoga offer the physical (asanas) but more importantly yoga reveals profound spiritual principles that offer a personal path of power.
The yogic pathway is called ashtanga, which means “eight limbs” (ashta - eight, anga - limb). These eight steps offer guidelines on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life. Perhaps most importantly they help us to acknowledge the spiritual aspects of our nature.
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The lovely Doreen Van Boxtel is one our most popular psychics, and certainly one of the busiest. Like so many of our listees, Doreen's spiritual journey began at an early age, and initially she was more than a little frightened of these manifestations. However, she began to study the ancient mystics and gain a strong connection to her Higher Self, as well as he spiritual guides. Today she shares this wisdom with others and mentors and guides people who are also spiritually awakening. Find Your Psychic interviewed Doreen and know you will find her answers and insights fascinating and informative!
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