19 Jan

Future Challenge

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Published in PSYCHIC JOURNEY    Written by Lesley Crossingham
Astrology is fascinating, at least I find it so, because it predicts with absolute accuracy the underlying currents of energy that shape our world and the times we live in. Astrology was never meant to be a fortune telling device. Rather, it is a construct that enables and assists us gain spiritual wisdom and insight into our lives and our society. 
A Course In Miracles describes the separation of the one soul from the God-force and then suggests we are all on a journey back to unity. This can be likened to the “big bang” which created our universe. The explosion moves ever outwards, as it creates every star, planet and nebula. Then after millions of year, it implodes inwards, drawing everything back again. We are all part of everything. We are made of stardust, and therefore when we observe a planet or a star, we are looking at ourselves. It is hardly a wonder that these conscious beings we call stars, speak to us, and remind us that we too are on our way back to unity; back to where we came from.
Astrology, or the wisdom of the heavens, can show us the magic carpet we are all collectively riding on and how it is gently, lovingly, unfolding its wisdom in our lives as individuals, but even more importantly, as communities, cities and nations. When analysed for spiritual purposes, your natal and transit charts it can show you the best pathway to created spiritual ascension and it can show you what spiritual wounds you have come to heal.
Collectively, astrology also reveals how our society is changing and what that means for us. Some of you may remember that old song: “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius!” It focused on the shifting astrological precessions that takes us, over about two thousand years, into different ages. Aquarius was seen, in the 1960s, as a beautiful and ideal world where everyone would be living harmony. This is how the “new age” movement got its name. It was named after the idea that the Aquarian Age would be better than the “Piscean Age” we currently lived in.
Because the dream of love and harmony has not manifested in the world, there is much speculation that the actual movement to the Age of Aquarius has been inaccurate or over exaggerated. Yet, if you look around the world right now you will see, very clearly, that the Age of Aquarius is well and truly here, although not fully activated.
This will not occur, at least astrologically, until 2020. Between now and then we have to ride along with Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 when it enters Aquarius and fully triggers the Aquarian energies.

Pluto in Capricorn:

Many economists and business people believe that during this transit, which began in 2009, we will see the end of capitalism as we know it. Yes, that is a bold statement, but one that is expressed by economists and financial experts, not necessary astrologists. 
Because of the internet and our new technology (Aquarius rules technology and innovation) those areas of human existence are likely to be in the forefront of human consciousness. 
Political adviser to Angela Merkel and author Jeremy Rifkin has said that our current times present us with “the first new economic system since the advent of capitalism and socialism in the early 19th century.” He says this in response to the fact that large organizations have become disrupted because of the internet’s ability to let individuals and small groups compete with the major players. Suddenly, it seems 3D printing and tech advances in logistics have become easily attainable to anyone. Expensive technology can be copied in seconds, and because of mail order internet sites, sold very cheaply. People can now download movies, music and television programs from illegal torrent sites and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. 
“We are seeing the final triumph of capitalism followed by its exit off the world stage and the entrance of the collaborative commons,” Rifkin predicts.
This dilemma is typical of the expression of the astrological cycle of Pluto (destruction and rebirth) in Capricorn (social structures and monetary systems) in a challenging square to Uranus (disruption and revolution) in Aries (individual rights and liberty) over the past eight or nine years.
Pluto will leave Capricorn for Aquarius in 2023, after the Aquarian conjunction in 2020. At the same time, computer and technology scientists have long predicted (via science!) that that this same period of time (2023-2043) will correspond with the “Singularity” -the point at which technological (artificial) intelligence exceeds human intelligence. 
We must remember that since the financial systems of today’s global powers are not based on actual currency but on “confidence” which is another word for trust, these systems can be easily transformed with technological and ideological changes.  
A new kind of currency, Bitcoin, which is not controlled by any governmental body was introduced to the world in 2009 just after Pluto entered Capricorn. Surely this is perhaps a sign of what is to come as we enter Aquarius. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius could be a future where technology liberates humans (Pluto in Aquarius) from the shackles of corporations and governmental restrictions (Pluto in Capricorn) and we should be hopeful. Yet as rosy as that sounds, Aquarius does have a dark side, and it behoves us to focus on the total picture of Aquarius, and not just the words to that old song. 
Aquarius governs technology and is ruled by Uranus, which incidentally was discovered the same year we invented television! However, Aquarius can be lost and distracted by the pursuit of perfection. Under this kind of pressure, extreme political correctness and over sensitivity to individual liberties can easily erode the cohesion of our communities and bring about a sort of Mad Max-type, lone wolf chaos.
The idea of a “collaborative commons” a term bandied about right now, represents Aquarius at its highest form of expression, where everyone works together for a common good. This is our collective challenge and sadly it is not a certainty!
If we work together, and allow the highest vibration of Uranus/Aquarius grow within our hearts, and if we all do our individual inner work, Pluto’s entry into Aquarius can and will enable us to embrace a Utopian future. This would mean the end of the innumerable miseries that capitalism has brought to the world. If we do not do our inner work, we could end up in a dystopia of epic proportions.
I believe this dilemma is being expressed in the arts with movies such as the Hunger Games, and the many various vampire movies. They express the unconscious knowing we all share that we are heading towards an energetic crossroads that will take us into the light or the darkness. This is our collective horizon, and it is not too far away.
This Article was written by Astrologer, author and artist Lesley Crossingham. Lesley offers personalized astrological charts that focus in on your spiritual lessons and areas of karmic growth. For more information on Lesley, or to order one of her amazing, indepth charts, please contact her via her listing, or via her personal website!
14 Dec

Solstice Power

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Published in PSYCHIC JOURNEY    Written by Lesley Crossingham

The December Solstice (Summer Solstice) is on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 8:44 pm in Brisbane.

We celebrate the longest day or the summer solstice on december 21st in the southern hemisphere. Ancient people believed that the Earth Mother Goddess was pregnant and would give birth at Lammas, known as Midsummer. The solstice is one of the eight great spokes on the Celtic wheel of the seasons. The Solstice (meaning sun stands still) is universally recognized in all cultures as an important turning point. Sun energy is at its peak and we feel the primal creative force of the Sun. 
The key teaching is one of gratitude and celebration of the beauty of what is. Gratitude is a powerful feeling state that leads to abundance. It is a vibrational dimension that helps us express love. When we are in the feeling of love we automatically connect with feelings of gratitude and thus we are expansive and inclusive.  Midsummer, in Celtic tradition, was one of the great Spirit Nights of the year. It is a wonderful time to tune into the well-being that is everywhere. Gardens are blooming, the weather is generally temperate, birds are singing their hearts out, and there is a feeling of fun and lightness. A few days later we celebrate Christmas, the arrival of the Christed one in the world and in our hearts.
Gratitude as well as love is a practiced perception. Notice the feelings you have when you focus on certain things, but be careful not to stay on something that creates uncomfortable feelings for very long. The habit of searching for and then concentrating on problems in your life is just that: a habit. So during this very powerful time of the Summer Solstice, begin a new practice, one of focusing on gratitude: for nature, for the sun, for the beauty bursting out everywhere.
0111Life Stonehenge11123
The longest day is a time where you can make a new promise to yourself. The sun is the bringing of light and enlightenment, so making pledges at this time are strengthened by the energy of warmth and growth. So create your own ceremony of renewal, change and hope. Fine a lovely place and start with focusing on natural beauty and add images of other aspects of your life that will continue the lovely feeling of gratitude. If you choose, repeat an affirmation that feels really good when you say it such as “I walk in beauty,” or “I am love,” any statement that feels really good to you and then celebrate what is good In this moment and throughout the day, feel the gratitude and celebrate love in all its forms, and as you focus on the light, you will become the light that shines this truth out into the world.
06 Apr

Time to go within

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Published in PSYCHIC JOURNEY    Written by Lesley Crossingham
We are entering a profound time with both Pluto and Mars turning retrograde from 17 April. These two powerful engines of the self turn inward and brings the number of planets currently retrograde to four, including Jupiter and Saturn. These retrogrades mark a period where many of us will direct our efforts inward, to the unconscious as well as our dreams and wishes that may have been neglected.
02 Apr

Wish Craft

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Published in PSYCHIC JOURNEY    Written by Lesley Crossingham

So many of us are drawn to the mysteries of the universe, and that includes the ability to manifest or “wish” certain experiences into our lives. This method is called magic, which should not be confused with the conjurers tricks, but rather a deeper understanding of how to harness the energies of the universe to work with us, rather than against us.

01 Jan

Moon Mysteries of Power

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Published in PSYCHIC JOURNEY    Written by Lesley Crossingham
Every month on the day of the new moon, the energies in our world open to receive new seeds. For centuries farmers used these cycles for planting crops and we can use this same potent energy for stating and affirming our dreams and goals. This is a power time for everyone, if they care to use it. However, it works best when we align with the astrological sign of the new moon in question... and January’s new moon is in CAPRICORN!
12 Sep

Re-vamp Your BELIEF SYSTEM !

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Published in PSYCHIC JOURNEY    Written by Garry Wiseman
Your various belief systems (spiritual, ethical, moral, intellectual, social, political etc.) have evolved handsomely over the years, and now comes the time for a tweak or two. Saturn settling into Sagittarius always brings belief system restructuring, perhaps manifesting in your life in one of these ways:
For: -- Mon Sep 21 - Sun Sep 27, 2015
04 Sep

Step Into The "ROOM OF MIRRORS" !

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Published in PSYCHIC JOURNEY    Written by Garry Wiseman
Positive new developments are just around the corner, perhaps only a week or two away, so now is the perfect time to take stock. In fact, why not step into the "room of mirrors"? This metaphorical zone is a popular concept in sporting circles, referring to the situation where a player needs to take a long hard look at him/herself. The aim is to recognise and correct flaws, renewing motivation in the process.
06 Aug


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Published in PSYCHIC JOURNEY    Written by Garry Wiseman
As you zip deeper into the bold new frontiers beyond the orbit of Pluto, your antennae picking up a myriad of new sensations and realisations, it's time to lighten the mood.
Even the most gory Shakespearean tragedy has its "comic relief", a plot device where lighter elements, with sparks of humour, break the tension. For instance, the "porter scene" in Macbeth. Duncan has just been murdered, and the bard must rapidly ease the tension, then ramp it up again when the body is discovered. The atmosphere changes with the porter's irreverent and witty comments, including the merits of getting drunk. 

In Star Wars, when comical interplay is needed, cue R2-D2 and C-3PO. 
Sometimes it may seem like your life is being scripted by Shakespeare or George Lucas, and after a cathartic July, with all that Pluto stuff and the double retrograde, you could do with a laugh. The dramas have all been for the best, bringing you back in line with your true, authentic self. With several "blasts from the past", you were able to re-assess your earlier life. And yeah yeah, you hopefully learned the true meaning of humility (though in the case of Bronwyn "do you know who I am?" Bishop, not so much).  
A few "shark in the old ankle rope" episodes made it a challenging transition. You splashed and splashed and splashed. After briefly going under, you re-surfaced relatively unscathed.
"Back from the dead" was a common theme, with emotion-charged situations involving treasured people or possessions. Consequently, your nerve ends were stretched to the limit. On top of that, there's been a bit of a sensory overload in recent times. So all in all, it's time for a nice dose of levity. Someone may send you an email containing a joke or witty comment - take time to savour it. In choosing a DVD to watch at night, a comedy will go down better than a chain saw massacre. And if part of your agenda is entertaining the kids or grandkids, whisk them off to a theme park, not a museum. 
Special Period : Friday - Saturday
August 14 - 15
Jupiter moved into Virgo on Tuesday August 11, and stays in that sign until September 9 next year. More on the broader picture in future blogs, but the Big Planet's conjunction with the Moon on Saturday the 15th catches the eye, since the energy of Jupiter in Virgo (a sign under-rated for its wit) is so fresh. This builds through the previous day, so let's focus on the two-day period Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th. Here are some ways this lighter energy may manifest in your life:   
If you're stuck for inspiration, try cracking a few gags. The words will be there if you try, because the two most witty signs are Sagittarius and Cancer, and here we see jovial Jupiter (correspondent planet of Sagittarius) conjoining the zany Moon (correspondent planet of Cancer). You don't have to do Seinfeld stand-up. Just try to lighten the energy around you with colourful and good-humoured self-expression. Go about your activities in a cheerful Jamie Oliver way. The TV chef comes in whirring and stirring, as he sprinkles here and there.
Concocting dishes while chatting amiably, he clearly loves what he's doing. If you like, use some of his phrases - easy peasy, wicked, pukka tukka, and even lovely jubbly, if you can find a way to work that into the conversation. But you probably have your own fun phrases, if you think back to more carefree days.
It's all so much easier to be this way if you love what you're doing, and recent "genuine" trends have been sending you in this direction. If, in a "mystic moment", you realise that you have let a fun activity slip by the wayside, consider resuming it. If there is an entertaining friend you used to meet for coffee, but haven't seen for a while, think about giving him or her a call.
Jupiter has a fiery side, and the Moon invented touchy hyper-sensitivity, so this lighter atmosphere doesn't mean that everything is lovey-dovey. You may well "bite" at something that is said, or someone may launch a bit of a tirade in your direction. Either way, humour is the recommended way out. If someone is angry (maybe it's you !), a light-hearted comment can act as a circuit-breaker. If the mood is too serious, perhaps about social, political, religious or vocational matters, see the funny side of it.
Maybe you can ease the tension with a Monty Python "silly walk"!
There's been a consistent "stand up to the bully" theme in play since early July. On the world scene, united resistance to Putin over flight MH17 is an example. In some cases (e.g. crowd bullying of Adam Goodes), it's helped to step away from the target zone for a while, leaving the bully to swing at fresh air. But sometimes, like Mick Fanning, you've just gotta (figuratively) punch the shark in the face. 
On a personal level, many of you have made a breakthrough recently, standing up to the bully, perhaps in the form of a person or organisation. You may have one more little test to prove yourself again in this regard, and if so, a well-deployed witty remark will be very effective. Of course, sometimes "the bully" is not a person or organisation. It can be, for example, health problems, old age or a run of "bad luck". Whatever form taken by "la brute" (as the French call it), now is the time to make an important statement that you are not going to let it stop your enjoyment of a dynamic and fulfilling life.
And one other variation. In some cases, you deal indirectly with la brute, as its target is not you, but someone you care about. For the ethical and spiritual person, the choice is simple - you must stand shoulder to shoulder with the person under the hammer. As Desmond Tutu said during the reign of the apartheid bully: "If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality".    
When someone asks if you're having a nice day, try a more imaginative response than "yeah, good... thanks". Though it's not in the fundamentalist handbook of positive thinking, "so far so good" never fails to illicit a smile and an interesting response. "Happy as a clam" also works a treat. It's positive, and often leads to some spontaneous "jamming" about what a clam might be happy about. If someone asks how you are, you might even consider the radical response: "Well, I am in rude health, thank you".
People will be more open than usual to a bit of good-natured banter, thanks to Jupiter and the Moon.
"In-jokes" that have developed over time with particular people can flourish during these two days, and they go down particularly well when used in conjunction with nick-names. Here, to illustrate, are a few examples from my own experience. Among the colourful characters who populate my world, thanks to nick-names I have bestowed on them, are "Nefy" (short for Nefertiti - she loves Ancient Egypt),"The Marshall" (a fan of westerns), "99" (she chides me with "aw Max !"), "Swervymervy" (more fun than just Merv), "Rhino" (a thick-set chap), "Mouse" (much smaller than Rhino), "The Phantom" (ring him at work and no-one knows where he is - he's out there somewhere...) and "Dr. Strangegruner" (don't ask). It's not everyone's cup of tea to use nicknames, so respect the wishes of those who don't want to play in this way, but give some thought to experimentation.
The broader version of in-joke can also lighten up your world. For instance, with one friend, I have a long-standing running gag (that's if a gag can stand and run at the same time). It stems from a restaurant reservation made 40 years ago. When I rang the night before to re-confirm, they said there was no booking in my name. However, turns out there was a "Mr. Winebin" on the list ! I said someone's obviously misheard Wiseman when I booked. But, oh no, they couldn't possibly give me Mr. Winebin's booking. From that day, whenever either of us is messed around by a screw-up, we say: "I've been wine-binned !"    
During the last month or so, you've probably been winebinned once or twice. For some of you, it's gone a step further, with heavy backwash from recent cosmic swirlings. Perhaps you've been "category green" (experiencing mild turbulence) or "category purple" (vigorously worked over). Or have you been"category red" ?  If so, to use a variation of  imagery from an earlier Mystic Moments, you've been charging the mediaeval castle, and your helmet has been dented by a cannonball. As you scaled the wall, inching up your rickety ladder, vats of boiling oil poured down upon you. And once over the top of the battlements, a hundred archers have emptied their quivers on you. But somehow, you're still on your feet! Dented, covered in oil, and with arrows sticking out of you, you remain largely intact. 
Such stress would put anyone in a serious frame of mind. Now is the time to redress any imbalance."Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly" (G.K.Chesterton), so make an effort to lighten your mood. This will help you to cope far better with upcoming edifying challenges on the noble path you are blazing. It will also allow you to take full advantage of wonderful opportunities looming on the horizon.
As the Dalai Lama puts it: "We should try never to let our happy frame of mind be disturbed".  
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09 Jul

Update on Amira

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Published in PSYCHIC JOURNEY    Written by Editor
The ever amazing, Amira Celon is always on some adventure. She is not only a powerful psychic, but also a world-traveller taking her talents and sensitive understanding to every corner of the globe. Recently we sat down to Amira and talk about her latest adventure. I am sure you will find it as inspirational as everyone here on the team of Find Your Psychic, so read on.. and enjoy!
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