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The Art of Intuition
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sophy1Psychics often talk about feminine intuition or more commonly, a gut instinct that guides someone to change direction or to find a serendipitous answer to nagging question. Yet so often we see intuition as a nebulous and a rather fickle twist of fate rather than an inner ability we can all harness and enhance. For author, Sophy Burnham, who is herself a psychic, intuition is the very cornerstone of her life and is part and parcel of the many books she has penned on angels and angelic encounters.
Her latest offering, The Art of Intuition focuses exclusively on intuition and explores its tentative hold in our lives. In this fascinating book, the author offers stories of individuals who have “seen without seeing” on subjects that range from a loved ones’ ability to communicate telepathically to artists inspired creatively from scientific studies of premonition to skeptics who defy and deny the existence of such powers. 
The book is divided into five parts. The first focuses on the intuitive mind and how to cultivate it. The author offers very simple exercises to increase intuition through relaxation. She explores creativity and inspiration and offers meditations on deep listening. Then in part two we examine the light in our lives and the human aura. The author offers exercises on feeling and seeing the aura as well as automatic writing. There are interesting segments on dousing, distant viewing and the use of the pendulum.
artofintuitionThe human aura or the energy that surrounds a person, is literally seen by many people. Yet so many others say that as hard as they try, they cannot seem to be able to gain this ability. Sophy Burnham offers some vital exercises to help trigger this ability, but most importantly, she encourages the reader to imagine their aura reaching out beyond the body at all times. As we focus on what we want to be more aware of, and imagine it there, it will become visibly available.
So many people are fascinated by the spirit world and the abilities of the psychic and sensitive people who communicate with the dead. This can be witnessed at the many spiritual festivals where psychics stand on stage and give impromptu readings for audience members who have loved ones in other realms. Sophy Burnham examines this phenomenon and offers some sensitive insights into this ability. Again, there are exercises and suggestions to enhance these abilities within.
The final segment of the book focuses on medical intuition and discusses how to perceive an illness within another or within the self as well as the phenomenon of the psychic reader. The realm of the medical intuitive has drawn a lot of attention recently as more and more people try to find alternatives to western medicine. 
Many people consult psychics for “readings” and this practice is increasing. Sophy Burnham discusses her journey as psychic and offers her own spiritual experiences as an example of how to “tune” into the spirit realm. Because more and more people find themselves attracted to psychic readings it is vital that we take a long, cool look at this ability and take it off the “out there” pedestal. Psychics are simply those who have honed their intuition to such a high level of competency that they can connect with another person’s energy and receive pertinent information. Intuition is like a muscle, it only works well when it is exercised regularly and nurtured correctly. We are all capable to receiving messages from spirit and all kinds of intuitive insights but most of us have “flabby and unfit” intuitive muscles. Nonetheless, no matter how unpracticed we might be, intuition is as natural as breathing.
sophyburnhamIt is refreshing to see a practical, “hands-on” book on the art of intuition and psychic ability. There is such a lot of nebulous and airy-fairy books on psychic abilities that many people feel overwhelmed or intimidated by these skills. Many others believe psychic ability is simply a special gift given to just a few. Sophy Burnham dispels such foolish myths with a strong and sensitive voice of authority. I highly recommend this book to anyone wishing to seek out their own psychic and spiritual abilities, and anyone who wishes to have a deeper understanding of their own intuitive abilities. Finally we have a mature author of some considerable standing offering practical and down-to-earth advice about this often fearful realm.
Sophy Burnham is quite a prolific writer offering a veritable cornucopia of works from inspirational angelic love letters, to novels, plays and films. She is a well rounded inspirational and wise writer that is a joy to read.  
For more information on the author, please visit: www.sophyburnham.com




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