02 Feb
Who Are You?
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carolinemyss 01Caroline Myss has just launched a second book on the subject of archetypes: ARCHETYPES: Who Are You? Caroline has been teaching and writing about this subject well over twenty plus years and offers numerous workshops on this subject-matter.

Archetypes are a Jungian concept that means “first patterns.”  Psychics recognise that they are the psychological patterns that influence our reaction to what life presents us. They show us, or compel us, to find the right arena to play out the drama of our inner passions. To understand that we have, for example, an inner artist as an archetype helps us understand an obsession we might have with art materials, or a certain artist that we admire. They are a way of understanding the deeper elements within our soul.

Caroline speaks of her own journey as she has explored the ever-changing theatre of archetypes both within us as individuals, and within the collective in her blogs on her website.
“   I remember the first time I received an intuitive impression of an archetype while doing a medical intuitive reading with my dear friend and colleague, C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.  I'd done literally thousands of intuitive medical readings with Norm through the years, as well as with other physicians, but I was always focused understanding the psychological/emotional patterns that caused the breakdown of health and likewise those interfering with a person's healing. Norm always called me for a consultation from his office in Springfield, MO, while he was with the patient.  I was living in New Hampshire at the time. On this particular occasion, Norm asked if I could offer any insights to assist his patient and the only impression that kept coming to me was that of a crying little boy who had been seriously battered again and again.  It was shocking, actually.  Not yet knowing about archetypes, I told Norm that I couldn't help him, as all I could see was an image of a "wounded child", and what use was that to a man suffering from a lifetime of depression?
Norm relayed the image I saw and this man, aged 54, broke down and wept, revealing to Norm horror stories of his early childhood that he was ashamed to tell any one else.  That reading changed my life, not to mention the life of Norm's patient. I was gripped by this other world, our inner world - the world that drives our feelings, our attitudes, our belief patterns, our dream characters, our ambitions, and our fantasies. Trying to figure out the connection between an illness and a negative attitude became child's play for me next to discerning a person's archetypal patterns.  The new challenges for me eventually became a three-part dynamic: First, define archetypes for people.  You might think that's easy, especially many of you now well into my work.  But actually, it's not easy at all.  Now here comes an archetypal lesson about human nature: We approach everything personally. We, in fact, think the world revolves around us, right?  The problem is, of course, that we live in an IMPERSONAL universe that does NOT revolve around us.  Thus, it's very challenging to "think impersonally" when, by nature, you think, "Is this mine? What about me? What's in this for me? How is this supposed to help me out?"
archecardsThe study of archetypes and their influence in our lives became my passion and would remain so for decades.  I realized that absolutely everything in our lives was threaded to one or more of our archetypes - even the choice of our clothing and certainly the choice of partnerships in life.  If archetypes had so much influence at the micro level of our personal life, it made sense to me that we, collectively, created archetypal dramas at the macro level of social and global events.  How could it be otherwise?  This thought ultimately inspired me to record, "The Sacred Contract of the United States of America," in which I explored America's history according to its archetypes.
Years have passed since Sacred Contracts and another generation has become a very active and dynamic presence on the social scene.  This is the generation of my nieces and nephews, the younger people who are Internet savvy and looking around landscape of this world as it is undergoing the most dramatic transformation in human history. My nieces and nephews, for example, have always been interested in my books, but curiously the only book they actually have read is my new one, Archetypes: Who Are You? (I sent them early copies, in case you're wondering how they managed to read a book that was just released.) My niece, Angela, said, "I finally understand what you do. I can read this book." 
Because I essentially approach all things through the lens of archetypes first as my "locator guide", I recognize that truth and wisdom has to adapt as well.  My niece and her friends represent a new way of learning - a new speed zone.  They represent people who want to get to the heart of a subject as directly as possible and then, if that subject truly engages them, they will pursue it more deeply.   
While my niece and her friends - or other people who definitely want to learn about archetypes, I wondered, given the difference in generations, which door would they want to walk through?  Are they primarily seeking their Sacred Contracts or are they asking, Who Am I?  Or are they, like I suspect, seeking both paths but one at a time.  First, however, a person looks for a sense of personal security and identity.  We want to know, "Who Am I?" before we go in search of, "And for what reason was I born?"
In, Archetypes: Who Are You?, I introduce archetypes in a way that makes them user-friendly.  I chose this voice because archetypes are so powerful and so complex that it is often best to introduce their power in disguise because this is what I know to be true about the nature of the psyche: The question, "Who Am I?" ('Who are you?' personally directed, obviously)  is itself a type of archetypal inquiry.  It is, in fact, one of the most significant questions that a person can ask in life.  That one question has the power to redirect the course of your life because you are asking to know the truth about the reason you were given the gift of your life.  Who Am I?  Beyond the clothing you wear, beyond the things you own, beyond your likes and dislikes, you want to know about your inner mysteries and the voice that drives you from within.  The truth is, however, that you are drawn by some mysterious need to make contact with your archetypal patterns and the core of your soul. It's just a matter of time, even in this timeless world of ours.
Through my years of experience, I have found that most people prefer to tread lightly down that inner path, to go slowly into the depths of their inner Self.  Though most people find that inner voice irresistible, they often resist just a bit because they know following it - asking that profound question, "Who Am I?" - will change everything. 
And yet some things never change, like our need for companions along the way in life.  Archetypes: Who Are You? is a book that emerged from a group vision about creating a global community through archetypes.  Your entire world is an expression of your archetypal patterns, including your relationships, your occupation, and even your manner of dress."
For more information on Caroline Myss new book, or any of her workshops and seminars, please visit: www.myss.com




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