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03 Dec
A Touch of Romance
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pinkbedEach and every one of us has different ideas of what “Romantic” means… What is your preference? For some it might be a real current experience, a memory of a time past or a creation in your imagination… A week-end in Tuscany with a lovely meal surrounded by candle-lights? A skating rink bustling with laughter and graceful movement in Central Park? A picture a backyard patio… a table perfectly set for two?

Subtle music is a perfect complement to a gentle splashing of water into a pond in the left hand corner. Scents of roses and lavender are curiously wafting from the cottage garden to the right and the focal point is an elegant statue of a couple embraced as if at anytime they would come to life and continue that dance…

Romance is all about the feeling that is in your heart expressed in a space that supports that feeling. In truth, when the feeling is there, the setting can be anywhere. The perfect reflection of the experience of love is the setting that compliments that feeling within.
When designing that Romantic space, where do we start?
How can we create that mood, atmosphere, ambiance, intimacy?
Be clear of your intention ~ what is your purpose for your creation?
Define the space ~ define the scale of the area in relation to the items you want to place in it. If you want to set a table for dining, a dance floor, allow the space you need.
Lighting ~ are you relying on natural daylight or creating an evening event. Select lighting that is adequate for the mood and safety in the evening. Create shade if that enhances the desired effect.
Intimacy ~ that cosiness that subconsciously dilutes other potential distractions: canopies, drapes, flowering pots, lighting, heating, candles are all options that, when strategically placed will draw and focus the energy within your 3 dimensional air space.
Music ~ to taste and at the ideal volume will enhance the experience rather than compete with it.
Timing ~ preparation is the key. Give plenty of notice for your event. Allow ample time to set up, and relax. Have the food and drinks ready to serve. Eliminate interruptions.
BECOME the outcome!