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Couple Therapy
Written by Batsheva Dor |
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When facing crises, many couples deal with the question, how to resolve the situation between the two, whether to dismantle the package and move on or, not give up.
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Batsheva Dor is a therapist, healer and caregiver for over twenty years and has treated many couples and clients with dedication, professionalism and great efficiency in her clinic {also virtual} . To which all sectors of couples come, secular, ultra-Orthodox, religious, unconventional couples, including the LGBT.
Batsheva adheres to a holistic method that includes the ability to see with clear vision the layers that comprises the personal complexity and weaved into relationships. She accompanies the customers on their way to fulfilling their personal aspirations, as well as their marital and family life. "The challenge is to discover the visible and the hidden, there is an external dimension and an inner dimension - there is the visible and the hidden internal that when not aware of. If we do not understand the attributes, conflicts and conditions of the subconscious, we cannot understand the nature of the difficulty nor will we know how to overcome it. Exposing the difficulty in the "inner core" allows growth, calm space and healing.
"The couple needs a shared vision, and if not,  each one goes to their lonely spaces and experiences loneliness and disappointment instead of the love and mutual empowerment they had been expecting. When couples begin to develop awareness, they need to be coached to embrace shared vision and fulfillment and true communication between them, and then they can be inspired to fulfilling the love of my life – Intimate experience "
What is holistic treatment?
"The treatment refers to the complexity that makes up the person. What the person knows and does not know about themselves, raising the consciousness to the highest. From the difficulty of the person to understand himself and his relationships and the lack of clarity of the problem and how to deal with it ... until the light illuminates. I combine tools addressing one's spiritual level and one's consciousness. As result the couples are more at their center and eased and the relationship improves in a relatively short period.
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" I am here to accompany every process to emerge from crises to self-fulfillment, openness and awareness" says Batsheva who is a spiritual  diagnostician and therapist according to transpersonal psychology, psychotherapy, healing, NLP, mindfulness, and complementary medicine. Behavior that reinforces and anchors liberation from the problematic pattern Many clients attest to the level of precision, healing and coaching that "have done wonders" and have achieved goals in all areas of their lives
How does the couple treatment process work?
First meeting with the couple and hearing the two of them together, after meeting with each partner individually for individual therapy. I have developed skills and tools professionally, through which I see beyond what the patient knows about themselves, or able to tell themselves as the person is acting and exerted under the influence of emotions. The world of emotions is intrinsic, complex and distracting to the eye, even the person's own eyes, and systematically creates the ability to help a person go through processes where there is an "exit from darkness to light" ... misunderstanding what happens to me / us [when acting unconsciously]. The recognition and understanding of what the couple gets stuck in,  the difficulties with each other, are being understood and redeemed
For example, there are many couples who struggle because of power struggles. That is, who decides what, who leads and who is led, who determines ego matters. For example, if the problem the woman claims that her partner always decides and he or she are not considered, I help the couple reach an agreement and offer a solution that will remove the ego complexity and takeover - a seemingly simple solution that solves a real problem, so that none gets control at their hands and no one actually forces the other "
Unlike most treatments, where the couple tries to explain to the therapist what is bothering them, and complain "they are already desperate to talk and talk about the problem and nothing gets better" ... I see the difficulty with my professional tools and strive for the enhancement process "here and now", with direct touch focused at  the friction points. "My treatment is very dynamic, diagnose is very precise and quick and the understanding of the difficulty leads to fast solutions. The couple agrees and creates a new alliance that determines together, where to go from here. The number of treatments varies between the partners, but the treatment is faster and clearer than the others.
Batsheva is also an artist and a therapist through art. In a creative process, discourse becomes more loose, and I "raise questions that prompt very deep layered answers and also enlightenment."
To illustrate the effectiveness of the treatment and in a short time, I will give an example of a woman who failed to experience emotional intimacy in the relationship. In order to find out the reason for the difficulty, I guided her to a deep relaxation, in the process of traveling back in time, when we reached the age of four ... A memory of her grandmother who was very attached to her and the grandmother knew how to contain and love her wholly and only with the grandmother she felt complete and safe. The grandmother died suddenly and the child was not given any treatment to deal with the loss. When her grandmother's memory arose during the process, she burst into very deep tears, releasing the pain of grief that had been suppressed all these year and her ability to experience a close and intimate connection ... This process is called SOUL RETRIEVAL - after only one treatment, the ability to experience intimacy was cured.
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The bed room is the couples' thermometer … .During the therapy, the couple visits, refreshes and renews their passion ......  
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Batsheva Dor



Batsheva Dor is a successful businesswoman and designer in the past, has undergone a spiritual initiation. When the riddle of her life was revealed to her, she felt compelled to dedicate herself to the path of healing, teaching and motivating others to heal and transform, and shift human consciousness to create the New Era. Batsheva is known for her angelic, soft, non-judgemental, loving energy and for creating instantaneous miraculous elevating healing and changes in her followers' lives at a deep and overall profound vibrational level.

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She connects those seeking healing to high frequencies of light, supporting them to transform their limiting patterns to a new vibratory state resulting in unusual and miraculous break-throughs.

Batsheva Dor is an international healer and spiritual reader. She travels the world to offer her unique spiritual healings and readings. Please contact her website for more details.

Batsheva Dor