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After the unthinkable happens there are predictable stages that most people go through as they process their pain; even a person with a highly tuned sense of the spirit world will feel the pain of loss.
The first stage is denial. This is our immediate reaction as we go numb from the news and cannot process the components of the loss or our lives. As denial fades, we normally experience anger. This can be aimed at anyone in particular, for any reason. Next is normally bargaining, where the bereaved can go over details again and again that may have changed things or try to make some kind of cosmic deal to avoid the loss. The next step is depression. The news has settled in and there is a deep wound that feels like it might ache forever. Acceptance is the last step in grief. It doesn’t mean that the person is alright with what happened. It just means a new normal has been accepted and the ability to reinvest in life gradually returns.
Time To Reflect
The news has finally been received that the person will never be on the Earth in physical form, although they will continue on in non-physical energy. Mercury will be in retrograde three times in 2019, on March 5-March 28 in Pisces, on July 8- August 1 in Cancer, and on October 31-November 20 in Scorpio. These are moments of recalibration and reflection. Use these moments to come to terms with where you´re at in the grieving process and try to view your situation from other perspectives.
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Signs From Beyond
After, or perhaps during the grieving process, there are spiritual signs to look for from your loved one. This won’t remediate all the grief, but it can give a sense of being less alone and that your loved one is still looking out for you even though they are not there in physical form. You might see them in your dreams, as the unconscious mind is more susceptible to suggestions from beyond. These dreams might seem more realistic than others.
A scent that is related to your loved one might flood your senses in a moment. The same goes for a sound or a song that might be related to your departed. They can also send physical items like pennies or even seashells through the beyond to get your attention. Pay close attention during the funeral as that is a time that some of the departed are inclined to make their presence known. Whatever it is that you are noticing, take some comfort in the efforts of your loved ones to cheer you up in your time of grief. On January 20 and 21 there will be a total lunar eclipse and on July 16-17 there will be a partial lunar eclipse. These are perfect times to be sensitive to the spiritual world and to look for your loved ones as the moon controls the psyche, the emotional, and the subconscious.
Reaching Out
If passively waiting for signs is not enough, then there are ways to start the communication with your departed loved ones. One simple way to do this is to pray to your higher power, to the universe, or the person and ask for a sign that you have been heard. Meditation can help with focusing on the loved one as you begin to control the mind chatter, focus on the person and see if you sense a feeling or communication coming back to you.
Another way to make contact is to send a symbol to the after-world to show that you care and are looking for them. Holding a belonging of theirs can also help to reach out by aligning yourself with the energy of the departed. Finally, if you need help to contact your loved ones, you can use an intercessor who is gifted with connecting to the departed. Astrologically, on January 5-6 there will be a partial solar eclipse and on July 2 there will be a total solar eclipse. These will be good times to reach out to departed loved ones as the solar eclipses can be a great time to forge a new path and engage in something you have always thought about but were afraid try.
Keep an open mind and heart as you are processing your grief. Remember, the love that you shared will never die and the person who you loved will always exist in some form. Try to focus your consciousness on the signs with the knowledge that the person you loved is loving you still, even from beyond.


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