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What are Spirit Guides?
Written by Lesley Crossingham |
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birdcageAll Psychics tell us that this world is a place of learning. Your physical body is merely a vehicle. Your eternal essence, your soul or spirit, has never left its eternal home. Yet we often feel we have been abandoned here in a confusing world and seek solace in work, play, and other distractions, until we realise we are utterly and totally lonely for inner truth.

It is this inner truth that spirit guides help us to discover, and in doing so, we discover are true eternal selves!


When life is dedicated to truth everything changes in an instant. New helpers, both spiritual and physical, flow effortlessly into our lives from every direction. Every interaction becomes a sacred school room as we discover that truth is so much more powerful than lies. truth that spirit guides help us find, and in so doing, we find our true selves!


These helpers include guides, angels, spiritual teachers, animal spirits and guardians, to list just a few. Guides come with the specific agenda, often in one area of our lives. If discovering an ability to heal others will strengthen your links to truth, then a guide will be found. If learning clairvoyant abilities will open your mind to truth, again a guide will be found. If teaching children to swim will likewise open the mind to inner truth, then that guide will also appear. There is no inherently “spiritual” pathway – any pathway will do! The only requirement is to dedicate your life, your job, your role as a parent, sibling, child or grandchild to the awakening of truth within. The guides or angels who can assist you in this endeavour will automatically rush to your side.

This is also why guides seem to change or move on. This is to prevent us becoming too attached, for their role is to help us awaken our innate divine identity not to become a crutch. Our divine identity is often referred to as Christ Consciousness, enlightenment, Satori and a hundred other descriptions.Animal spirits come to help us by attuning with our emotions, instincts and feelings. They come to show us our talents and encourage us to share these abilities with others. As you awaken into your eternal nature, higher guides and more animal spirits begin to work with you to gently awaken you to the fact that you are capable of anything and everything. At this stage you will be ready to experience direct Divine Guidance and will no longer need individual guides or helpers. You have now become a Finder and are therefore fully awake, fully aware and fully conscious.


Spiritual energies are very subtle. They are like a soft breeze caressing your cheek. In order to connect we need to sensitize ourselves through "unconcentrating" or simply remaining openly focused, grateful and energized.


When you receive a personal guide portrait and then frame it under glass, you create a very special "magic mirror" that allows you to sensitize your eyes, mind and heart.


When you meditate or simply "day-dream" as you gaze into this picture, you will see some of your own physical reflection shining back at you along with the more subtle energies around you that I have drawn on the black paper. This triggers you to open up to the spirit world (which is always there) simply by tricking your brain out of its logical function into the more gentle and sensitive role of investigating all energies not just those that are physical.


This simple yet effective method is based on traditional Native American Indian ways of spiritual attunement using smoke over bowls of water or meditating on milky crystals that are polished to allow both your reflection and the reflection of nature.


Lesley Crossingham



Lesley Ann is a spiritual artist, an author of over twenty books, clairvoyant and spiritual teacher. She was awarded our Find Your Psychic Spiritual Author of the Year award for the past five years due to her many popular spiritual book titles. Lesley has also been voted International Spirit Guide Artist for the year, 2018


Lesley has written over twenty books, numerous magazine articles and many short stories. She has also created three CDs of her music and spiritual meditations. She introduced traditional Native American Indian drummaking to Australia in 1991 and continues to offer these workshops.


Lesley writes for several magazines, including New Dawn where she contributes book reviews. You can also read her many book reviews on Amazon's website. Lesley has a journalism background and brings her many skills to writing articles on this site and many others.


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Lesley Crossingham