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British Psychic Elizabeth
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British Psychic, Elizabeth Francis has been voted, by you, the public, as one of our most popular psychics for 2017. We interviewed Elizabeth to discover how she uncovered her natural psychic abilities, as a young girl growing up in the ancient lands of the Druids, stone circles and ancient wisdom.
1) What was your first psychic or spiritual experience? 
I have been psychic all my life; by that I mean since my earliest memories I have journeyed, interacted with what I call the invisibles and have heard, sensed and seen manifestations of those in spirit. Sometimes it has been necessary to poke thing or someone to find out whether it is etherical energy manifesting or physical form. This coupled with the fact that I am severely dyslexic with an obvious splattering of Asperger and ADHD means that the likes of me see and experience the world very differently and what is to us the norm is what others may consider to be beyond the realms of feasibility. As a consequence I don’t have a first psychic or spiritual experience, it’s all one and the same to me.
2) When did you know you had psychic abilities... tell us all little about your awakening:
You know when you are looking for your glasses and they are already on your head, or a pen that is already in your hand you can’t find it. The same with psychic ability, those who are psychic since birth know no other way. Furthermore, being psychic doesn’t necessarily mean you are also spiritual, which I wasn’t, in fact I had rejected wholeheartedly my catholic upbringing and anything else to do with Divine Spirit, from a very early age. Therefore, for me, only in hindsight can I identify my spiritual awakening, which was a long-protracted affair and I didn’t realise was such at the time. As a result, there are four minor events of equal importance that when combined made a major awakening. Out of those four two stand out.
In 1987 just eight months after going cold turkey to come off alcohol, I was confronted by and held spellbound by a huge golden translucent egg which filled up most of my living room, and it was a large room with high ceilings. The second one was in 1994 when I found myself in a mind, body, spirit shop deciding to sign up to a two-year crystal course run by Sue and Simon Lilly. From the first hour of the first day of that course I realise I had arrived to where I had been going all my life. Everything fell into place the minute I saw their stash of crystals. It had brought back a long lost memory of when I was at school and had swopped cut coloured glass and paste stones with other collectors, I had finally found myself and I didn’t even know I had been lost. 
Whilst on the course it became apparent to me that not everyone saw, felt, heard, journeyed, nor did they work with the energies with as such ease as I did, if at all – and this meant only one thing - I must be psychic. What a hoot, Spirit has such a delicious sense of humour and I laugh out loud everything I think of it. Does Divine Spirit know what it is doing, or does Divine Spirit know what it is doing – love it to death. 
3)    What or who inspires you?
Experiencing Divine Intervention whilst I was a functioning alcoholic enabled me to become a recovering alcoholic; this not only inspired me but also enabled me to connect to my spiritual Higherself, what I consider to be the doorkeeper to my Divine Self. Since we are all apart of Divine Spirit, my clients, my daughter and people in general inspire me, especially those such as myself who rejected Divine Spirit only to later embrace it. I consider this all part of the journey, it is a very powerful way of working. Bottom line, if we can take the time to look, we will find everyone inspires everyone else to do or not to do something. Even the challenging side of human nature inspires me because it is the engine that drives us into our magnificence, our Divine Selves. 
The result of that inspiration comes in the form of is my book “Gift – From Spiritual Wealth to Financial Wealth” published in 2011 and which has been now been added to the US Book Distributors List – New Leaf. Gift delves into the realms of psychic phenomenon, knocking down the myths that stop people from either recognising or developing their abilities whilst providing a step-by-step guide to help the reader along their spiritual path.
4)    Describe what a client would experience in a session with you.
My readings are for those who wish to gain control over their lives and by doing so, become empowered, therefore a client can expect an accurate, full-bodied reading with regard to aspect of their lives whether it is relationships, career, health, spiritual development and/or finances. I am known for my speed, honesty and plain speaking. As a consequence my international client list includes people from every walk of life, ranging from those claiming benefit to those who walk the corridors of power. As my testimonials show, my readings are not for the faint hearted yet those who do are very pleased that they did.  
 A client isn’t subjected to a barrage of questions because I work blind, in other words I do not want nor need to know anything about my client nor their situation before I work with them. I use all my psychic abilities and tarot when required, to gather and pass on unedited information about my client and their situation. Clients are then given the opportunity to interact regarding specifics or to ask me questions. During this part of the reading additional information is given which results in what I can only described as a well-rounded informative, reliable, in-depth reading that includes common-sense guidance combined with practical insights received as to how to manage their issues. The fact that I am a qualified complementary therapist brings an additional dimension to a reading as well as enriches it. Therefore a client is left knowing where they stand, what options they have and what they need to do. Obviously, it is up to them whether they run with it or not; most have the courage to do just that, and as a consequence succeed in turning things around for themselves, and benefiting accordingly. 
5)    What do you see as the biggest obstacle to inner peace that you see or experience in your clients?
It is my experience we are all our own worst enemies, we are the obstacles that block our paths to inner peace. We unwittingly do this due to deep-rooted insecurities, a lack the confidence, self-esteem and self worth and those who haven’t learned to take responsibility for self, will look to someone else to blame until they do so. To my mind all this is part of the process of the evolution of the human spirit. It seems to be that one has to recognise ones powerlessness in order to self-empower. I have found that once empowered the issue of inner peace takes a completely different format and plays a very different role to that prior to empowerment.
6)    What inspired you to take up your profession?
Bottom line I, like many, was driven into it by my own Higherself and its’ response to circumstances created by my own actions. 
7)   If you have a message for the world, what would it be?
I truly believe that the horrors of inhumanity come from a place of self-service, ignorance, maybe a fundamental self-loathing and certainly fear. To my mind mans’ inhumanity can only be transformed by mans’ humanity to man, which comes from the place of taking self responsibility, learning to be compassionate and self-love; for without loving ones self one cannot free oneself from our self serving ways and genuinely, love another and by doing so, become the best of who they are. 
Although progress is slow, two steps forward and one back, we are getting there.  So my message is to hang on in there, everyone is doing what he or she needs to do within the Divine Plan to bring it into being. Try not to judge our progress on our frailties and shortcomings, both of which limit us as so we balance karma and go through the necessary learning curves. It can take us two, three or four lifetimes before we ‘get it’, but we will and do ‘get it’. If you compare how we live to day with a thousand years ago, you can see amongst the ever-present compassion towards our fellow being increasing. Yes, there is always room for further improvement – and that is the point – none of us are perfect, all any of us can ever do is to aspire toward perfection. So from the little picture it really does sink a lot of the time for most of us as search for our fleeting moments of bliss, but from the big picture we are all phoenixes in the process of rising from the flames, and in time we will all rise and fly into the magnificence that is waiting for us all beyond the polarities, beyond the One.  
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