04 Mar
Healing the Heart
Written by Batsheva Dor |
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We are happy to announce that the winner of the

Israeli Psychic of the Year - 2019 - is Batsheva Dor.


In addition to her psychic work, Batsheva is also a healer who works deeply with the soul of every client. In an interview, Batsheva told us that the basis for Bathsheva Dor’s entire life’s work is to PROMOTE YOUR PERSONAL EVOLUTION, to help sisters and brothers to become their best self for a best world, full of love, full of peace- prosperity- satisfaction and abundance, full of social respect one for another, unified in direction of Love-creativity- Peace-self realization.


The following has been written by Batsheva about the work she offers everyone.. please enjoy and contact Batsheva via Facebook Messenger to book your session.


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Receive supreme guidance in “Love”, "career", "health" and the understanding of who you are and what is your life about….
How shall I attract the one I desire? 
How shall I meet my soul mate? 
How shall I win my sweetheart’s love? 
When will I get a call?
Is it love on both ends? 
How do I make a successful marriage proposal? 
How do I create happiness in marriage? 
Marriage Proposal - Is there a good match? 
How our common future together looks like? 
Will my partner be a good husband/wife? 
How do I deal with situations such as “betrayal of love”?
How to make peace after we lost our tempers?
How to recreate passion and trust in our relationship?
How can I make my home a place of joy, peace and love?
How can I create lasting intimacy in my relationship? 
How can I bring enthusiasm into the bedroom and rekindle my sex life…
How can I really relax during times of severe stress in any situation? 
When is the right timing for {any pursuit}? 
How can I really boost my career?
Does this residence or business have good vibes? 
•Cards - Tarot, Angels, Kabala, Oracle, and more
•Hand Reading 
•Human Frequency Codes
•Spiritual Dream Interpretation
•Numerology and Astro-Numerology
•Channeling the Divine Mother {Shekinah}  
Batsheva’s readings may be performed using any or all of the modalities listed above.  
You can receive precise guidance and answers to any personal challenge, resolve life crises where you feel stuck, gain clarity in situations that require urgent decisions of how to turn any situation around, attract ones’ preferred outcome and respond to challenges in your best way!
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The Divine Source is the basis for all energy and therefore we have everything within us as a blueprint of potential which is our challenge to become. Once we transform we become the torch to inspire our families, our communities, our nations and our globe, to heal and to shine in the core divine spark. The best outcome for all of creation is health, healing body-mind-spirit, for personal happiness and for the entire human race, all nations, and ultimately our entire planet
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COSMIC ENERGY with eternal Life Force will then flow freely through our chakras.
SKYPE: bat.sheva.lidor.daffan   
Would you like guidance for deep transformation in your life?
●Get past your biggest obstacles while feeling whole and passionate about life 
●Learn how to create your life with the power of your imagination
●Break free from negative or unproductive patterns 
●Gain clarity and freedom of choice 
●Learn how to improve and care for your health
●Attract deeper, better relationships 
●Perform dramatically better at work and gain recognition for your achievements 
You will get empowering guidance for successful business and career strategies, self-realization, self-image, popularity, social and public success.  Get parental guidance in matters of child discipline & education, infertility, and more.  Batsheva’s guidance and support has a proven reputation around the world – leading to fulfilment and successful results! My readings are not just informational, healing begins when the blockages are removed; allowing an individual to release fear, pain and trauma. 
Batsheva’s readings for healing may incorporate Tarot, Kabbalistic Numerology, Hand Reading, Channeling, Aura Scanning, So Juk Therapy, Human Frequency Codes, Holistic Diets, Personal, Couples and Business Coaching. 
  My readings are not just informational, healing begins when the blockages are removed; allowing an individual to release fear, pain and trauma. 
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”This work is a life line, which has been allowing me to help and heal many people at their moments of most critical crises; young girls at high risk life situations  drawn to destructive choices; relationships during times of “break it or make it”,  and any life situation that one can think about. With God’s grace I have been privileged to shine help and healing for thousands of people at times of crisis, and uplift them to reach “the light at the end of the tunnel”.  Core issues are resolved and healed. To maintain the open vibes of light, I channel positive energy practices, prayer and mantras which keeps them connected to Divine Vibrations; while improving their situation continuously, providing ongoing healing, guidance and lasting transformations. 
Batsheva Dors' prayers, mantras and meditations rotate in elevated vibrations and re-‐rebirths to open new vibrational levels. If you practice her teachings, any limiting beliefs and “locked scripts” will disappear!
Batsheva Dor in service of Humanity and the Divine
Batsheva is a senior psychic expert in ASKME portal. She counsels through phone and Skype about 500 people a month and has a huge reputation, which grows all the time. ASKME and Askme experts.com are two very busy internet portals
Batsheva also interviews and assessments of potential new psychic experts for ASKME portals for the purpose of employing new experts to their services and she also represents these portals for the media, TV, radio and magazine interviews.
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Batsheva Dor



Batsheva Dor is a successful businesswoman and designer in the past, has undergone a spiritual initiation. When the riddle of her life was revealed to her, she felt compelled to dedicate herself to the path of healing, teaching and motivating others to heal and transform, and shift human consciousness to create the New Era. Batsheva is known for her angelic, soft, non-judgemental, loving energy and for creating instantaneous miraculous elevating healing and changes in her followers' lives at a deep and overall profound vibrational level.

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She connects those seeking healing to high frequencies of light, supporting them to transform their limiting patterns to a new vibratory state resulting in unusual and miraculous break-throughs.

Batsheva Dor is an international healer and spiritual reader. She travels the world to offer her unique spiritual healings and readings. Please contact her website for more details.

Batsheva Dor