03 Feb
Australia Psychic of the Year
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It has been a very busy year for our Australia Psychic of the Year (2018), Amanda Hall. Amanda has been voted, by you, the public as the most popular Psychic for the fifth year in a row. Yet our lovely Amanda does not rest on her laurels, instead she is working hard producing  and releasing Secrets of Tarot. These cards were released in April 2017 and has now gone worldwide and is huge success
Last March (2017) Amanda joined A1R Psychic Radio on Moonstruck TV where Amanda offers a weekly show that airs worldwide for free on Social Media... So tune into Amanda and perhaps you might be lucky enough to win a FREE (yes... Free) Reading!
Each week Amanda offers valuable insights into the :
Simply Tarot Card of week
Soy candle from her range
Mini Astrology lesson
Trip around the Universe with astrology
Plus 2 free readings for people who call into  the show
Show: Amanda Hall Psychic
Host: Amanda Hall
Time: Tuesdays at 10pm US Eastern Time
Website: AmandaHallPsychic.com.AU
Copyright 2018 A1R Psychic Radio & Moonstruck TV - Enlightening Television - All rights reserved.




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