04 Nov
What is Intuition?
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angel 02We might think that on psychics have intuition. In fact we all have intuition because it is a kind of inner wisdom which springs up on its own whenever needed. It is not created by any rational effort of the mind but instead is simply every person’s our inner voice of wisdom which is ever present. It always pointed towards truth and our well being and security.


The word itself means inner teacher - or inner tuition/tutor.


Although we often hear people say they have no intuition, this is always a false statement. If you feel you have no intuition it just means that you need to work on ways of strengthening your inner voice, and your inner feelings.

Intuition has been given several names such as gut feeling, hunch, sixth sense and so on. It can appear like a flash on our mind’s screen or it can well up gently from within. It always comes as a call from our spirit to act in a certain way.It forewarns us if anything goes amiss and acts like an inner guardian who gently leads to the right path. Intuition may manifest itself in the language of silence, metaphor or imagery. It can also be a feeling as well as an inner voice that tries to protect us whenever we might make a careless and unthoughtless mistake.




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Whilst there are many psychic mediums who can bring forth messages from loved ones and this can bring comfort, this is just the first step. The key to a successful life is to go deeper into our own spiritual growth and understanding.  


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