December Moon Blessings
Written by Lesley Crossingham |
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December is going to be an amazing end to a rather challenging year. After 29 years of circling the zodiac Saturn will return home to the sign it rules. At the same time a powerful Gemini Full Moon may be challenging for anyone who is not grounded and in full spiritual alignment. So hold on to your boots and remember to do your inner work!
The Moon is Grandmother and like a true elder, she brings us all enormous wisdom, if we listen to her soft intuitive voice. The full Moon on December 2/3 (depending on where you live) and is in the air sign of Gemini. This can be a challenging full-moon especially given the many celestial changes going on right now. It is the last full moon of 2017 and it prepares us for the often emotional festive season, so try to stay grounded, and return to the fundamentals of being true to your word, and staying connected to your heart.
The new moon occurs in Sagittarius, which makes it an ideal time to set intentions related to :
* optimism * faith * adventure * freedom * travel * legal issues * solutions and spontaneity.
Every month the moon offers us an opportunity to change our lives for the better as we focus on what needs to change within us! Sadly, there are no magic angels who will do this for us -- we have to focus on ourselves, do an inner inventory, and become the change we want to see in our lives. This is the true definition of being “grounded.” It cannot be achieved by just wishing it were so. Grounding means to take an inner inventory: Is your word your bond? Or do you find excuses to go back on promises because you were just “too busy” or something better came up. Do you live in gratitude, appreciation and love? Can you find something good to say about everyone, and everything, or are your whining all the time? Being true to your word, appreciating others, your life, nature herself, and taking responsibility for your life is the true definition of being grounded!
But we do get help with the moving power of Grandmother Moon who offers us many lessons to help us embrace true inner power. So with that in mind  write down at least three or four affirmations on inner change such as:
* I want to experience the freedom and enjoyment of living life to the full * I want to easily find myself enjoying the benefits from spontaneous interactions with others * I want to easily find myself taking an overseas trip to****at a price I can afford. * I want to easily find myself taking action on my intuitive knowing * I want to feel my intuitive abilities becoming stronger and more accurate. * I want to easily find myself consistently experiencing peace, love and gratitude.*
Sagittarius is a fire sign and helps us focus on what we need and then helps us find the energy to manifest it. If we focus on being victims we end up being scatty and having scatty lives. There are no "accident" just simply an opportunity to aim for the sky and live a fulfilling life. The power is in your hands.
We now get reading for an amazing new year. It will be the year of the dog, and that will indicate a time of exploration, new journeys and empowering experiences. With Jupiter in Scorpio, many secrets will be revealed and the Dog will sniff out anyone who is not living their truth. So turn over a new leaf and step into your power with the new Gemini Full Moon.. perhaps in ceremony by the beach, light a candle and make a wish on the last full moon of 2017....
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