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Tarot Cards are still one of the most popular and exciting forms of fortune-telling or divination in these modern times, says Simply Tarot's Amanda Hall.
In this article, Amanda writes about the history and the wisdom of the Tarot. The history of the tarot is rich and mysterious. Everyone lays claim to fame of having invented the tarot. 


What is the truth, do we really know?

Let's not debate about who is right and who is wrong. Just enjoy the mysticism and the energy that the Tarot brings us today in these modern times working with such an ancient tradition. 

Let us now explore a few myths and mystical traditions

These may have changed many times over the centuries as the story has been told and retold with much love and embellishment. We might never know the real truth but we can have fun exploring and trying to understand how some of these colorful stories became folklore. I would like to share with you some of the most common questions I have been asked in my extensive career of teaching the Tarot.
•The first and most controversial myth is. It is very unlucky to purchase or buy your very own Tarot Cards. 
•Where this story did comes from? In fact, as folklore would have it. 
•They must be given to you by Gypsy with love and luck, for the gift and knowledge to live on with future generations. 
•This sounds all very exciting and mysterious and would be lovely to be given this opportunity to share the wisdom from the Gypsy but for most of us this is just a dream.
• But there is another layer to this myth I need to share with you.
•The Gypsy would pass her knowledge, her cards she used for fortune telling with her blessing, to her eldest granddaughter before her passing. 
•This was to ensure the knowledge and wisdom of the old would live on through the youth of the granddaughter and she would develop her own style of telling fortunes with the wisdom shared from her grandmother and the vision of her youth. 
•This created the next generation of the Gypsy Fortune Tellers. As the young Gypsy commenced telling fortunes she gathered her own knowledge and wisdom along the way. 
• The Gypsies tradition at the end of your life all your personal belongings are burnt with your body. 
•No one inherits your possessions, so that is another reason why the wisdom and cards are passed on before the Gypsies leaves the earth. 

Now we move onto another myth that needs to be explored.  

It is one of the most requested questions by people who have little knowledge or understanding of traditions of the gypsies and fortune telling. 
•People always comment about you should not charge for your gift. 
•Well tradition and folklore believe you should always cross the Gypsies palm with silver and this will guarantee a good fortune telling or reading with good luck for the future.

 So why would we want to change tradition?

• I certainly don’t.  
•How do I look after my Tarot Cards?  
•Your Tarot Cards must be treasured and looked after with love that is the most important thing. 
•Some myths state you must do the following to keep them safe and to enhance your fortune telling ability. 
•The myth goes by wrapping them up safely in a purple silk scarf and keeping it in a carved wooden box when not in use will increase the mystical powers of the fortune teller. 
• I personally have not found any great change, but it might work for you.  

Where can I perform a reading what are the rules? 

As the folklore would have it, you must always perform your readings on a wooden table with a candle burning brightly to ward off the evil spirits.
 Is there any other rituals I need to practice when getting ready for a reading?  
Always add your favorite incense burning discreetly in the background to complete the mystical experience. 

Where can I read Tarot Cards? 

•You can perform your reading any where you feel comfortable. 
•Some people like to read in the open spaces with the smell and sounds of nature to enhance wisdom being shared with you by the tarot cards.
•This might be a past life experience taking them back to the days when they were the Gypsy Fortune Teller roaming the land telling fortunes. 
•Other people like to be in their favorite area of their home where they have set up a table and chairs for their very own fortune telling experience. 
•The choice is yours and you must feel at ease and comfortable with your choices.  

Can I read my Tarot cards any everyday of the week? 

• As traditions would have it is said to be bad luck to read cards on a Sunday, the Gypsies always believed and honored this tradition, I know many people around the world still believe and practice this tradition. 
•But for most of us today we use our Tarot cards if and when the mood strikes us. 
Can another person touch my cards?  
•As one of the most controversial myths surrounding the tarot history, the folklore would indicate NO. 
•But it is my personal belief that you should let the other person touch the tarot cards for to shuffle them and place them energy and vibration on the cards before the reading commences. 
•This must be a personal decision about your own tarot cards. You will create your own rituals and practices of performing readings which work for you. 
•So general rule of thumb is do what comes naturally and feels comfortable to you and your belief systems. 

Now let’s look at the makes a tarot deck.  

Tarot has seen many changes through the centuries, like fashion. Tarot can have a many different concepts or designs to deliver different messages from the Tarot Cards. But the most popular tarot decks all follow similar formula today as they have through the history of the centuries.
•Some old traditions believe there is no place for reversed meaning is to be placed on the tarot cards, as it was not used in ancient times.
• But one thing remains the same in all Tarot Decks. They all have 78 Tarot Cards divided into two sections.
• The Major Arcana, the first 22 cards of the deck. 
•Then the remaining 56 cards, called the Minor Arcana is divided into four suits. 
•The most common suits used are Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles.  Take your time look at many different decks until you find the right deck for you. 
•They may have pictures or drawings you feel comfortable with. 
•Some decks have basic meaning printed on the bottom of the cards to enhance your learning and reading of the tarot cards quickly.
• Record your readings in your tarot journal for future reference. 
•It helps to build confidence and your reading style. 
•It is good practice to try and clear your mind of all your clutter and thoughts. 
•Even meditate for a few moments before you commencing the reading. 
• Never read when you feel too emotional or upset to understand the message is being shared. 
•As it may just come out as a jumbled mess.
• You can always perform another reading latter in the day. 
•When your mind is clearer and settled. 
•This would produce much better results with clear direction for the future. 
I designed the Simply Tarot & Secrets of Tarot for the ease of learning and working with the Simply Tarot cards for everyone.  Enjoy the journey with the tarot.
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