October Change
Written by Lesley Crossingham |
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October has arrived, and after all the fire challenges of the last few months we can now look at some deeper changes in our lives. Jupiter is about to move from the air sign of Libra into Scorpio, heralding huge changes, and later this month Mercury also moves into Scorpio bringing issues that should be addressed to the front. This month will be a good time to clear the air and discuss the “elephant in the room” that we may have ignored, or hoped would just go away on its own.
The lunar cycle brings many gifts to us all each month, however Grandmother Moon comes to offer us a change to heal our lives, and manifest our true worth. If we work with the new moon energies every month, we slowly go through all relevant issues of the zodiac and have wonderful opportunities to bring genuine, long-lasting growth into our lives. This month we have the opportunity to work with Libran energies, or the area related to marriage, negotiations, teamwork, equality and decisiveness. Libra is the sign of the scales, and thus balance is key.
The new moon in Libra is an especially potent time to make wishes concerning areas of : partnerships, balance, peace, art, supportive relationships, diplomacy and strengthening self-identity.
The new moon occurs on the 18th in Australia or the 19th in other parts of the world. Check your local timetable.
Sample Wishes: In your dedicated journal, simply relax and perhaps embrace a meditation. Light a candle and bless the world and yourself. Then write down your wishes for October’s new moon. Samples are :
  • I want to begin consciously experiencing peace and harmony in my life.
  • I want to easily relax into the grace of my beauty.
  • I want to easily find myself living in a way that is harmonious for others and happy for me.
  • I want to easily find myself adding personal, loving touches to my environment that create a feeling of peace, happiness and serenity.
  • I want to easily attract a happy, monogamous, committed relationship with someone who I experience mutual support, respect, appreciation, love, passion and tenderness.
  • I want the exchange of love, support and sharing to re-enter my marriage (or partnership).
  • I want to attract the right marriage partner for me and begin a happy relationship with that person.
  • I want to strengthen my ability to accurately discern relationships and friendships that are in my best interest.
As you write down your wishes, and you may choose ten or more, visualize these happy events occurring in your life. The Moon is both Grandmother and a Goddess. When you align your soul and your heart with her, magic happens, especially in the time of balanced Libra.

Lesley Crossingham



Lesley Ann is a spiritual artist, an author of over twenty books, clairvoyant and spiritual teacher. She was awarded our Find Your Psychic Spiritual Author of the Year award for the past five years due to her many popular spiritual book titles.


Lesley has written over twenty books, numerous magazine articles and many short stories. She has also created three CDs of her music and spiritual meditations. She introduced traditional Native American Indian drummaking to Australia in 1991 and continues to offer these workshops.


Lesley writes for several magazines, including New Dawn where she contributes book reviews. You can also read her many book reviews on Amazon's website. Lesley has a journalism background and brings her many skills to writing articles on this site and many others.


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Lesley Crossingham