Powerful August
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This month we will experience two powerful eclipses that will trigger emotional awareness and a huge shift in consciousness that will propel us to make changes in our lives. Circle your calendar.. and get ready for a huge shift in spiritual consciousness!
This month’s eclipses represent life themes and lessons that are part of a 19 year cycle, so think about to August 1998 for clues to your current situation.
Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Lunar eclipses have the power to illuminate situations in our lives that require our attention. This eclipse highlights Aquarian issues. Therefore check what planets/placements you have in your natal Aquarius to see how this eclipse will affect you. Generally Aquarian connections trigger issues you may have with friends or within our community. The highlight is upon Humanitarian rights, and we may see that in our lives, and certainly out in the world. This eclipse also makes us focus on long-range goals, envisioning our future, and gaining clarity about the path ahead. During this eclipse it is vital to honour your individuality, and celebrate your unique traits.
A Lunar eclipse is a high-powered full moon that magnifies emotions. Step back, avoid overreacting because situations will likely feel more dire than they actually are.
Solar Eclipse In Leo: Solar Eclipses symbolize new beginnings, because they are essentially, high-powered new moons. Because this month occurs during a retrograde Mercury cycle, it is advisable to delay big decisions or committing to a new plan of action until after the new next moon on September 20th. However, take note of ideas that occur and revisit them during the second half of September. It will be a powerful, inspirational time for most spiritually sensitive people. Especially, of course, if you have the sun/moon or other major planets in the later part of Leo!!!
This eclipse stimulates our desire for joy, playfulness and creativity. A great time to remember those activities we enjoyed as children. The importance of receiving and expressing love will be highlighted and it will be a wonderful period of celebrations. 
New Moon Magic:
Every new moon offers us the potential to improve our lives, and to grow spiritually. The Leo new moon is a time to focus on love/romance, children, creative projects, loyalty, vacations and recognition. It will be especially auspicious for wishing to increase the amount of love in your life and to release arrogance. Wishes that involve heart connections and giving love are especially supported. 
To embrace these changes, create a special moon journal where you can write down ten or so wishes/affirmations based on this energy field. Make your journal a beautiful expression of self-love and dedication:
Sample wishes for August include:
“ In romance, I want to easily find myself being honest with my partner about who I am and what I want, so we can resonate with love and spiritual unity.” .. “I want to easily find myself interacting with children in a way that creates mutual understanding, respect, cooperation and love.” ... “I want to find myself interacting easily with others in a way that demonstrates loyalty and support. “ “I see myself filled with creative and expansive ideas.” “I see myself expressing joy and beauty in my life.” ... Any affirmations around the Leo theme of self expression will be activated by the power of the new moon.
The first eight hours after the New Moon is exact are the most powerful for affirmations. For the best times for your area, check on the internet. There are also several phone apps that will align with your area. 
*** During this period, especially between the two ecllipses, every sensitive person will be given huge opportunities to heal their lives, and the lives of others. The eclipse will trigger Mars in President Donald Trump's chart -- The Eclipse also opposes the President of Nth Korea's Sun , therefore, it is imperative that spiritually motivated people focus on love, relationship, and balance the energy of arrogance at this time! 

Lesley Crossingham



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Lesley has written over twenty books, numerous magazine articles and many short stories. She has also created three CDs of her music and spiritual meditations. She introduced traditional Native American Indian drummaking to Australia in 1991 and continues to offer these workshops.


Lesley writes for several magazines, including New Dawn where she contributes book reviews. You can also read her many book reviews on Amazon's website. Lesley has a journalism background and brings her many skills to writing articles on this site and many others.


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Lesley Crossingham
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