July Full Moon
Written by Lesley Crossingham |
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The July Full Moon falls on the 8/9th in the earthy and practical sign of Capricorn. This Full Moon energy is extremely intense, but will be guiding all of us to keep on climbing like a little mountain goat!
This Full Moon is going to be activating the energy of transformation, which means that you are going to be feeling the intense desire to change things in your life. These changes are most likely something you will want to do quickly and impulsively, so follow your gut but at the same time, be mindful of your emotions so you don’t say or do something you will regret later. July’s Full Moon is also going to give you a glimpse as to your truth and to where your heart really lies in all your relationships.
If you have been feeling uncomfortable about a relationship in your life, this Full Moon may just reveal a truth that you have needed to hear or see, so it is a very challenging full moon. You may also find that internal conflicts may rise to the surface to be healed. 
As most of us know, transformation is often a long and slow process, however this Full Moon is going to bring a burst of energy which will help to speed things a long and move you forward a lot faster. This full moon also prepares us for the eclipse in August, which will be very powerful and transformative.
As the moon rises in your location, say a little blessing to the spirit Grandmothers. If you have the sun in Capricorn, or if this is your natal full moon, you will find the weekend's full moon time extremely powerful. It is important that you bless and reconnect to your inner Capricorn and ask yourself if you are indeed moving up the mountain, or stuck in earthy stubbornness.
Capricorn asks us to rise to the highest ideals. We all desperately need this now, as the world's superpowers meet in Germany, and as North Korea tests its nuclear weapons. Pray and meditate on finding the highest path for yourself, and for the world. Your prayers are so desperately needed right now!

Lesley Crossingham



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Lesley Crossingham