07 Aug
Sharon Cairns
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Although she is based in Victoria, clairvoyant reader, Sharon Cairns travels Australia to offer her unique readings. She has traveled to every corner of Australia, including her name-sake town of Cairns in northern Queensland. We caught up with Sharon and asked her to offer us some insights into her readings and her spiritual journey as a clairvoyant reader. We asked her to describe her first psychic or spiritual experience?
 My first experience occured when my great grandfather passed away and I was aware of that event before reality caught up.
2) When did you know you had psychic abilities... tell us all little about your awakening:
 It came in the form of a 'party trick', I had learned some palmistry lines and would read palms at parties, only I was saying more than what the basic lines could tell
3)    What or who inspires you?
Life, Love and insatiable curiosity about both are my inspirations
4)    Describe what a client would experience in a session with you.
In a session, I am able to guide the client through to the true answer they have in relation to their life and about the people they care about alive or passed
5)    What do you see as the biggest obstacle to inner peace that you see or experience in your clients?
 Most clients need to love themselves above others in a heartfelt way, not of the ego
6)    What inspired you to take up your profession?
I gain unmeasurable pleasure in being able to help a client re-balance and reconnect to their true self.
7)    If you have a message for the world, what would it be?
Accept what is, Forgive what isn't and remember to be kind to yourself, your more than you think you are
 Check out Sharon's listing here on Find Your Psychic and feel free to contact her to book your reading.




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