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The Knights Templar are the most glamorous and enigmatic figures of western culture. Mystical soldiers, a militia of the Christ, whose patron saint was Mary Magdalene.  
The Sisterhood of the Rose was re formed from ancient times by Queen Eleanor in the days of the Crusades.  Deeply troubled by the death of the Knights, among them their husbands, lovers, brothers, they formed a healing order.
The women were versed in the wisdom teachings and healing crafts of herbs, flowers, crystals, the influence of planets, and their skills were honed over several Crusades.  They would remain in solitude until the battle was over and then come to the Knights to heal their wounds.
In 1128 the Templars were officially recognized as an Order of Warrior Monks.  Their creed was one of poverty, chastity and obedience.  Their robes were white with a red cross, and their Quest was the protection of Pilgrims en route to Jerusalem, the ‘jewel in the crown’ in the world of Christendom.
Templars had a strict disciplinary code.   Everyday life  including diet, dress and conduct, were tightly controlled by monastic rules.  Templars were compelled to fight to the death and were not permitted to surrender or retreat and they were not allowed to beg for mercy.
The courage of the women to travel alongside them was courageous and inspiring.  Their own safety whilst travelling by road and sea in these treacherous and dire times, was secondary to their dedication to the Quest.
The Sisterhood of the Rose goes back to antiquity.  The rose is a icon found within many of the world cultures and religions.  The Holy Grail is symbolized by the perfect rose.
One of the wisdom teachings of the Sisterhood is the symbolic colour of each rose, which represents an individual  life path.  For instance the red rose for those who walk the path of wounded love.  The yellow rose for the teachers and counselors and the white for the highest of spiritual goals.
The ‘signature’ of the rose tells of joy and happiness, a blooming of love and light.  It is said to work amongst roses, brings longevity.
In love and harmony the Sisterhood dedicated their lives to the Knights, like the flowers and thorns of the Briar Rose they entwined in love, courage and dedication to the Quest of bringing peace to the land.
 This insightful article was written by Gerry Taylor-Wood
These photos were taken on their most recent visits to the sacred sites
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