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Finding purpose
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So many of us struggle with life and wonder why, at least in some areas, life runs smoothly, but in other areas we struggle. The ancients believed that these difficulties were outlined for us by Saturn in the birthchart. It seems that whatever this planet touches in the horoscope we see a tendency to reach true potential only after years of struggle and maturation. In this series I will explore major aspects between various planets and Saturn, beginning with the Sun. If you have had your natal chart made check it out and see if you have squares, oppositions or conjunctions between your Natal Sun and your Natal Saturn and this will all make sense.
 The understanding this dynamic is critical toward not only grasping the role of Saturn in the chart, but also unlocking the entire horoscope itself. Because Saturn is not only master of time, but also karma. These placements can indicate where you struggle in life because of ancient karmic ties. By way of contrast, whatever Jupiter touches tends to indicate where things come relatively easily and flow more naturally. Saturn is not like that. Whatever it touches is where you usually have to work hard for whatever you get, and you can face major hurdles just to reach "the finish line." There’s a silver lining, though, and it’s this: The sheer amount of hard work you apply to that area can bring about a level of mastery you probably wouldn’t have gained otherwise – and that, in turn, can affect everything else in your life. No small matter.
Stressful contacts to Saturn (square, opposition, and often the conjunction) are the most challenging of all, yet they also increase the potential for failure or success in those areas. (That’s especially true of the conjunction, which seems to bring out both the best and the worst in Saturn at once.) What I’ll be laying out here are primarily best-case scenarios, showing what can result if a person learns to channel these energies in the most constructive way possible.

Saturn–Sun --  a Struggle to Shine!


The Sun in the horoscope symbolizes our essential identity and the impulse to express that character before the world. When Saturn is closely involved with the Sun, it makes for a more strenuous effort in forging our public or professional identity, or in gaining respect for that creative light. We may feel blocked in that effort, as though we’re standing in the shadow of others, whether that be a prominent or powerful parent, more successful peers or co-workers, or even an intimidating boss. You might remember the "Rodney Dangerfield" who gained fame for the line "I don’t get no respect!" This pretty much sums it up!
The silver lining here is that that this sense of frustration compels us to work that much harder to "prove" ourselves and step out from behind those long shadows toward greater respect. There’s almost always a strong element of "compensation" involved with Saturn: Whatever it touches can be where we feel somehow inadequate or even inferior, and we are prompted to struggle even harder to make up for it. You might remember the old Avis car rental commercial when the company was trying to compete with Hertz: "We try harder!" Finally, after much constructive effort, individuals with this aspect finally step out from those shadows and into the spotlight, to be honoured for who they really are.
George Harrison -- An example of this dynamic is Beatle George Harrison, who had the Sun and Saturn squaring one another. He often hinted at the frustrations of being in the shadow of both John and Paul, but he eventually achieved acclaim not only for songs like "Something" (called by Frank Sinatra one of the greatest songs ever written), but also for solo albums like All Things Must Pass. In a fitting synchronistic touch, the name of his own record label was Dark Horse! Other famous individuals with Sun–Saturn connections include: Salvador Dalí, Jeff Bridges, and David Carradine (square); Sting and Guru Maharaj-Ji (conjunction); Steven Spielberg (sesquiquadrate). All of these people had difficult Saturn aspects, but they overcame them and shined in the work they achieved.
It is said that a wise man is guided by the stars but a fool is governed by them. This simply means that you can complain about your "difficult" astrological chart, or you can use the planets and stars to guide you higher. Saturn is a perfect example of a hard task-master who comes with gifts for those who work hard.
Next time we will explore Saturn and the Moon!

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