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Insight into Diana
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American psychic and life-coach Diana Blagdon brings a wealth of knowledge to her work, along with sensitivity and dedication. The team at Find Your Psychic interviewed Diana to gain deeper insights into the remarkable and heart-based psychic -- we think you will be suitably impressed with her wisdom.
1) What was your first spiritual experience?
It was a cumulative  realization that birds, dogs, creatures, people were drawn to me.  I could sense and feel what they were experiencing and there was a divine rightness about it.  I just always knew I was “part of God’s plan” so to speak. 
2) When did you realize you had certain spiritual abilities or talents?
For as long as I can remember I have had a sense that a non local intelligence was directing my life. I never questioned it and I never talked about it much as I was growing up. I just knew at the very core of my being that I was being divinely directed. 
3) What or who inspires you?
Nature!  I had the privilege of growing up in Colorado and the spiritual presence of the mountains was always an inspiration to me.  My parents always chose to “live on the edge” of whatever city we were living in so I always have had access to the woods, the trees, the animals etc.  My husband and I have chosen to continue that living arrangement, even the 8 years we spent in suburban Philadelphia and 10 years in suburban Minneapolis I had access to the natural world.  We currently reside in Door County WI a peninsula that juts out into Lake Michigan.  
4) Describe what a client would experience in a session with you.
Honest, open, down to earth dialogue sharing what I see, sense and feel in a language consistent with their beliefs and understandings. 
5) What do you see as the biggest obstacle to inner peace that you see or experience in your clients.
I would call it over thinking.  When we take time to breath and feel we know the presence of the Divine in our life.  When we judge ourselves and others we get caught up in the competition of life. Then we forget our Divinity and  lose sight of how our life is playing out in perfect Divine order. 
6) What inspired you to take up your profession?
Much of my life has been directed by dreams.  I always used my intuitive understanding of life personally and professionally regardless of what I was doing. I am a student of human nature and an avid reader and learner. I have led personal growth and development groups and  retreats since the 80’s.  I began to receive direction on training and development of my Psychic skills  so it has been an evolution.  
I believe it is noteworthy to realize that even when I was in hotel management  the individuals that showed up to work with me were part of God’s plan.  Wounded souls who needed shelter and restoration found their way to my door and became part of the staff and it was a way work and renew.
There came a time when I knew I was to move full time into a professional psychic role due to life circumstances and opportunities. 
7) If you have a message for the world, what would it be?
Breath deep, laugh often and trust. Your life is evolving in Perfect Divine Order. 
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