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06 Nov
Creating Change!
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woman 03Most of us function with the left brain, or the analyitical side of the mind. This links us precognition and  our reactions to old emotions, souvenirs, memories.
People, situations, smell, clothes, hair cut, front door and more, are subtly linked with our judgement and expectations, with what we have experienced in the past with a ‘similar’ person.

Changing the Chi flow inside your home is important. Start by moving furniture around and re-evaluate what you wish to see first. What impression do you give when you enter your home? What is the décor that you are waking up to? How are your seats placed… are they turning their back to the entering Chi or are they ‘opening up their arms’ and welcoming you?


Chi flow can also be altered with the health of your plants. Cut the dead leaves, re-plant them in a good pottering mix, and choose a variety of new pots to decorate your home harmoniously. All these little details count. Plants are alive, the more you care for them, the more they will reflect back to you.


May those first easy Steps to Feng Shui encourage you to see your life differently!