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Fortunes Told Magical & Healing Candles
Written by Amanda Hall |
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During my amazing journey of life and meeting and working people for many years now, the same questions keep being asked. * How can I change my life? * What am I doing wrong? * When is love coming? 
There are many different forms of Fortune Telling, predicting the future, affirmations, rituals and practices to change your life used around the globe by many different cultures. The one common theme was fire. Many different ways it is used in ceremonies and rituals.  To ward off evil spirits, bring change, cleanse and renew our lives.  So candles created by many with different ingredients and properties became a way of people bring about the changes needed in their lives. Some would say this is only wishful thinking, others believe it creates changes in life. Whatever your belief it is right for you and that is all that matters. 
The Fortunes Told journey into candles came about by destiny I believe, I have always believed in the Magic and the changes Candles can bring into our lives. And because I believe nothing happens by accident or is a coincidence this how it all began. I was attending a trade show on the Gold Coast in 2014 and had the good fortune of doing a stage presentation with a colleague and we performed snap shot readings for the public. A lady sitting in the audience Jenni came up to me after the show to thanks us for her reading and commenced to tell us of her dreams and the project she was working on. 
Many months past and paths crossed again for the 2nd time with Jenni from Where Magic Happens. We got talking about her candles she was making. and she gifted us a range of her hand poured eco-friendly soy candles. This was divine timing my head was filled with ideas about candles and how to go about finding the right person to make a range for us. Our Simply Tarot Set was coming up for its 9th Birthday and we wanted to bring out a candle to celebrate. I knew the moment I held on in my hand this was magic. The candles had such an incredible energy, and they smelt great too. My mind was racing with ideas for our own range of candles.
The coffee pot brewing and destiny was working overtime with Jenni from Where Magic Happens and the ideas just kept flowing, we could not contain our excitement about what was happening. This is when and where the Simply Tarot Candle was born, along with our sister range of Astrology Candles. With the guidance of the cosmos and its influence on the future we created the Magical Astrology Candles using the 4 elements of nature used in astrology for the 12 star signs.   
Fire Sign - Red Fire Energy & Positive 
 Aries - 22 March to 21 April 
 Leo - 22 July to 21 August
Sagittarius - 22 November to 21 December 
Earth Sign – Green Uplifting &Grounding
Taurus - 22 April to 21 May
Virgo - 22 August to 21 September
Capricorn - 22 December to 21 January
Air Sign – Turquoise – Innovation & New Ideas
Gemini - 22 May to 21 June
Libra - 22 September to 21 October
Aquarius - 22 January to 21 February
Water Sign - Blue Imagination & Manifesting Dreams
Cancer - 22 June to 21 July
Scorpio- 22 October to 21 November
Pisces - 22 February to 21 March
We both knew there was more to come. Then it hit both of us at the same time we need to create a Magical Healing range of candles. We both laughed about affectionately calling the range Amanda’s Witchy Poo Candles for everyone to create their own magic. Then it became clear this was no joke we had to get serious. So our first 3 candles were on their way to creation. 
Wealth, Love & Protection. All the candles are made with love and infused with Reiki invoke a special kind of healing for the mind body and soul.  Jenni and I are working on our special unique formula’s using the top grade eco soy wax which is skin safe. We use special wicks as they are less lead and give off white smoke and less black in all our candles. 
Our candle family is growing and we are creating our new additions Healing, Travel, Destiny and Good Luck in the Fortunes Told family of Magical and Healing Candles. We are proud to present candles/melts in our 3 ranges for you create your own magic anywhere any time all welcome at Fortunes Told personal/wholesale shopping experience we have an extensive and exciting range of varied and unique products visit our showroom now.
For further information, or to place orders please go to the "Fortunes Told" website by following this link!!


Amanda Hall

Amanda is a Tarot Expert/Master - Clairvoyant- Astrologer- Author who started reading the tarot when she was very young. Amanda designed a tarot course for the general public in  the early 1980's and was the first lecturer to teach a Higher Education Tarot Course at the Gold Coast Tafe College in 1992.


Amanda is the winner of this year's

Psychic of the Year for Australia 2019!


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She has also taught by correspondence for over 30 years. Amanda spent three years touring Australia with one of the country's largest exhibition companies, offering readings, lecturing and conducting workshops in the psychic arena, also staging her own Psychic expos and events. Her work included television interviews, talk back radio and regular newspaper and magazine columns.  In 2013 Amanda was inducted into the "Australian Psychic Hall of Fame" for her dedication to the industry spanning over 35 years by her piers and colleges.


Please contact Amanda through her website ..


Amanda Hall