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Insights into Doreen
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The lovely Doreen Van Boxtel is one our most popular psychics, and certainly one of the busiest. Like so many of our listees, Doreen's spiritual journey began at an early age, and initially she was more than a little frightened of these manifestations. However, she began to study the ancient mystics and gain a strong connection to her Higher Self, as well as he spiritual guides. Today she shares this wisdom with others and mentors and guides people who are also spiritually awakening. Find Your Psychic interviewed Doreen and know you will find her answers and insights fascinating and informative!
Doreen, please tell us about your first spiritual experience
My first experience was when I was 12. I woke up during the night to see a man in dark clothing in my room.  I kept looking away and looking back and he was still there. I hid under the blankets because I was frightened of what I saw when I was 12. lol. 
2)    When did you realize you had certain spiritual abilities or talents?
 I was always drawn to astrology, numerology to see what makes people tick. In my early 20s I would often use the person's ring to find out how many babies they were going to have in this life and what sex the babies were going to be without knowing about pendulums. I found it very accurate indeed. I also found out I was a natural healer in a development circle before my first Reiki class. I was also fascinated with tarot cards. I did get a couple of psychic readings and I was told I should develop my abilities in healing and doing readings for others. 
3)    What or who inspires you?
 I am motivated by my higher self. I read heaps of books on psychic subjects and will continue growing and expanding my knowledge until I cross over, back to the spirit world. lol
4)    Describe what a client would experience in a session with you.
 I would first use their date of birth and explain what their Soul's Contract is and also explain what their next personal year/s were offering them also some of the challenges they may encounter. I use tarot cards and my guides, angels to relay messengers to the client. The session is usually one hour. I let them ask questions if I haven't covered any area in the reading.
5)    What do you see as the biggest obstacle to inner peace that you see or experience in your clients.
 The client taking responsibility in their own decision making in their life and not trusting their own inner guidance. 
6)    What inspired you to take up your profession?
 Quite a few challenging circumstance in my own life that has guided me to seeking answers to my own soul's growth. It has been an inner knowing that was guiding me to learn healing, numerology, the tarot, angels, crystals, meditation and most of all spiritual development. I quickly learned that helping others was also helping myself learn more about myself and human nature in general. No one knows everything. Knowledge is infinite. I have completed numerous courses and have been teaching what I have learned to others for over 20 years. I love what I do and I am amazed how magic continues. Love and Light, Doreen.
Please visit DOREEN'S LISTING to read more about her skills and abilities. You can also contact her directly via the links on the listing and make your appointment for readings, workshops and more... !
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