06 Jan
Kerrie's Vision
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I AM a medium AND I have been doing readings for over 30 years.


I talk to people who have passed over. I have help from my Guides and Angels and your Guides and Angels on the other side they support me with what I need to say and feel and do as I tune into loved ones. They are so close just a breath away ,when someone wants to make contact with the loved one’s they are in an emotionally sensitive state. 
I feel I have to help the person through that difficult  time. The information that comes through can validate the person or persons from the other side.  No  I don’t walk around tuning into everyone. As I have to respect peoples privacy, I wait for the person needing to see me to be guided to a session with me. If I picked up on people willy-nilly I would have overload and too much information in my head.  
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One of the most important things is that you are still here on earth we still have lessons to learn so it’s important to hear from loved ones  but some times people ask questions about other family members which is none of their business. Sometimes the messages from loved ones keep repeating the same  messages and knowledge so you will listen and sometimes it’s not earth-shattering information.  If they  have passed over recently for me to make contact straight away sometimes can be difficult as the soul  may need recovery time on the other side of about six months. 
In the reading they may come in and out in short bursts to connect, It all depends on the person if they had been sick, or a nasty accident or taken suddenly, I respectfully ask questions  which they may or may not answer. We’re not always meant to know everything as we have lessons to learn. At the beginning of the reading I start with  in depth Palmistry to connect into you , which also helps to connect into  mediumship and clairvoyancy.   
I look into the Aura  for a interpretation of what is going on for you, with a small guide drawing and 6 to 12 months with the cards than I do the medium ship making contact with friends and loved ones and I don’t have control over who comes through some time  family member comes through or departed friends . They come through to help you as they can now see how they really were when they were on the earth plane and how they treated you and they want to make amends for that treatment in other words that come through like a family guide to help and support you to make changes. They are no longer the same person they had the sole memory of other lifetimes so we need to forgive as forgiveness is everything, as we to will one day be home on the other side. 
I’m available for one hour readings at my home Botanical Park ,Currumbin  Waters by appointment and I also work one day a week at Heaven Sent at the Pines Shopping Centre . To book an appointment with me phone or text, or contact me through my listing here on Find Your Psychic!!
TESTIMONIAL:    Thank you Kerrie you are such an amazing beautiful, caring person  Mick and I are lucky to have got to know you, thank you again S.Gold 
Coast( I have not put the name of this beautiful lady as her husband  died  recently two weeks before their baby was born.) Testamonial What can I say that Kerrie she is an amazing person ,if you’re looking for a hypnotherapist, meditation teacher,or teacher,  clairvoyant or medium Kerrie is the one she has changed my life got married and the rest is history and it will change your life too for the better regards. Michael D. Gold Coast.  
 Kerrie has also been voted Australian Hypnotherapist of the year for 2016 and 2015
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Kerrie attends many Psychic Fairs and Spiritual Centres all around Australia.

Please contact her via her website on the link below:





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