08 Jun
Kerrie's Angels
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Your Angels want your heart to sing! In the last year has your heart been singing? Have you been fulfilling your purpose or have you been settling for second best? Your Angels are all around you, even in the cells of your body, assisting you with health, love and  making decisions. Your Angels have been with you since the beginning of each of your lifetimes.
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Think of all the things that make your heart sing. Doing a favour for a friend. Walking on the beach. Taking the trip thats on your bucket list. Meditation. Holding your child or grandchild for the first time. A kiss with your true love. Life is too short find your singing Heart. The children being born now are advanced souls, many have already been prepared for special work on the earth plane.


kerriecards 03I remember a dream I had , I was in heaven watching a huge Archangel teaching babies. The babies were lying on tables all facing the same direction and the Archangel was standing behind them.  The Archangel would move one arm and all the babies would do the same, then the Archangel would move a leg and the babies would repeat each movement. These babies were learning mental telepathy,tuning into this Archangel - how  special is that!  


Are you asking for your Angels help? Or are your Angels lying around in hammocks snoozing, time to get your Angel moving and out of the Hammocks. Your Angels love you asking for help, Do it now and see what happens. 

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Reading: With Kerrie Edwards-Tichurst and the Angel and Guide Cards which Kerrie Designed simple and easy to interpret. For this month's reading , many of you (as the cards to the right show ) are wanting to nourish yourself more and recharge your batteries for September also taking a look at your budget, how are you managing your money? *Moving to the 2 lower cards . Time to get clear on what you want and don't want for September. A lot of people will have more DaJaVu , meeting people from your past lives so a strong connection , obstacles will be overcome. : *To the far left you have your Higher Purpose , Archangel Michael protecting you and bringing opportunities ,a big breakthrough no limits now , go for it . The Cards at the top of the layout. * The Rewards : Time of Personal Power with Rewards now for all the hard work you have put in. Also a time to play and have fun Also you will hear of much wanted pregnancy.





Please contact Kerrie through her  website. She is available for telephone readings as well as personal readings. She also offers regular workshops and seminars on developing your own inner psychic abilities. Kerrie has more than thirty years experience as a clairvoyant and psychic.





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Whilst there are many psychic mediums who can bring forth messages from loved ones and this can bring comfort, this is just the first step. The key to a successful life is to go deeper into our own spiritual growth and understanding.  


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