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Amira Celon
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Amira Celon is our international psychic of the year, voted by you, the public. Everyone we spoke to about Amira praised her natural charm, sensitivity and amazing psychic predictions. She has also worked as a television host because of her vast background in the media, both television and radio, and as an international psychic she has worked all over the world including the Middle East, Europe, USA and Australia, in film, radio and television. 


Amira is also a prolific writer and author and has submitted many magazine articles over the years, but everyone who spoke to Find Your Psychic were unanimous in stating that Amira is not “spooky” and gently, and lovingly explains the predictions and energies she sees around the person. Most importantly, her predictions are uncannily accurate.


amira 02Amira began her spiritual journey as a very young girl when she started to receive guidance from her spirit guides at the tender age of four. As she grew she started to feel and see images and messages when she held her friend’s jewellery. Suddenly, and yet quiet naturally, as she held these objects in her hands she would come out with details and accurate accounts of events that would occur soon afterwards.


Amira is inspired by the overwhelming presence of love, which she uses as her primary guide in life. Currently she is studying the teachings of Abraham, channelled by the amazing Esther Hicks.


Every session with Amira is unique to you, but she focuses on self-empowerment, clarity, specific details of anything at all they wish to ask about.  Your reading revolves around your personal situation and Amira will bring forth amazing information on your life.


Sadly, so many people suffer in life and do not live in inner peace. Amira sees many people who are stuck in a feeling of being lost, not having options or choices that can move them forward to inner peace. In all cases, Amira gets guidance and advice on how to break the impasse and return to oneness with spirit.


Amira thought long and hard before taking up the profession of a psychic because she knew that guiding others was not something to be played with, however, thanks to messages from her guides, she was told she was mature enough to be of service from a detached point of view. 


Amira’s message for you, her loyal followers is to : “Be true to yourself and everything else around you will fall into place.”


As a special gift for March, Amira is offering a “two for One” offer on her Love Oracle Cards purchased via her website this month. You will receive a complimentary deck to gift to a friend!  Amira's Love Oracle Cards are shipped worldwide.  They are easy to use and come with a guidebook inside the box.  Amira was voted number one Psychic Medium in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) from 2010 through 2013 and voted Best International Psychic for 2013 with Find Your Psychic.  She is arguably one of the best psychics in Australia and in the world today!


For further information on Amira or to book for a reading, please visit her website:







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