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Psychic Signs
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damsel2During my last Feng Shui visit to Far North Queensland in November, I went inland and visited my dear friend Kuku Yalanji Elder CJ Fisher in China Camp. My new little tent, self inflated mattress and pillow were safely stuck in the bottom of my backpack, I added enough food for the duration of my stay. I was wondering how I was going to handle carrying 17 kilos on my with my frozen shoulder and walk 32 kilometres on the Creb track.
I caught the local coach in Mossman and got kindly dropped off on the track turnoff just after Wujal Wujal.  I felt very lucky when I heard that morning that someone was going to China Camp and could pick me up on the way.
So I started walking and connecting with the Ancestors – “Yalada” – I thanked them to welcome me again. I praised and honoured their beautiful country. Even thought the wet season had started, deep inside my heart and Soul, I knew Spirit was going to look after me. A white Toyota picked me on the way and I arrived in no time. What a blessing, thank you!
Each time I visit that place, I learn so much about the Land, about Culture, about our differences, about compassion, about myself too. It is a journey.
Sunday morning CJ and I headed for our walk north of the Roaring Meg falls. We greeted a couple of visitors on the car park and headed off further. We walked and stopped in a few places and swam safely in the river where permitted. We were relaxed, we were connected, we were One with the place and with the whole Universe.
While dipping in a calm water spot, a gorgeous turquoise blue and shiny black damsel fly gently landed on CJ’s forearm. It turned and looked at him in the eyes. It stayed there. After a minute, CJ looked at me and said “This never happened to me before” - he was in awe. The fly flew off and landed again a few seconds later, at the same spot. It is only when I approached him that it flew away. That was an omen. Which omen?
I went to my special place, my favourite rock in the area and sat down. I connected with it and suddenly I felt a shake under my bum - you know like when you have your mobile phone on buzzer in your pocket. I jumped and took my camera out of my front pocket and I laughed thinking, I don’t even have my phone with me and my camera wouldn’t buzz! “My” rock was connecting, I love this! Was this another omen?
On our way back to the car park, three men greeted us with the sad news that a lady had slipped from the Meg Falls a few hours before. Could we be of any help? The police officer arrived and we offered him assistance in the search. It is a Women sacred site after all; we all had to be careful and respectful. I asked him what colour the lady was wearing... “Turquoise blue top and denim shorts” said the officer. I said to Colin – “Exactly the colour of the damsel fly that landed a few hours ago on your forearm.”  We were speechless. Damsel in distress...
Roseline Deleu  CJ Fisher -Two powerful shamans togetherThis is a very sad loss indeed. The body of the lady was found a couple of days later by the professional divers at the bottom of the fall. The signs and warnings on site mention to be careful and stay safe. The Roaring Meg now counts over a dozen of deaths, mainly men who are trespassing and disrespect the Sacredness of this Women’s site.
Australia carries aboriginal energy; many of us are white or new Australians. To integrate fully in this country, please learn about the aboriginal culture and knowledge from the Traditional Owners. Respect is essential. Understand our differences and adapt accordingly. We are the new comers, sometimes some are still intruders – many don’t realise this. A few years ago, I passed my exam and became an Australian citizen. I failed the question about cricket; questions were only related to the history of the country since white men came. I was very sad to see absolutely no question in regards to aboriginal history and culture. 
I share this very personal story with you to emphasize the importance of Respect. Sacred Feng Shui is about connecting with the Land, the Elements and the Ancestors. Life is worth investing in sacred knowledge.
Editor's Note: Read more about the damselfly and the draggonfly on Ancient Wisdom!
Roseline Deleu
Feng Shui Master & best-selling Author
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