Mysterious Wolves
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wolves2For many thousands of years wolves have lived, played and hunted together as a very close knit family or pack. This close bonding between pack members over time was crucial so that the wolves could rely on one another when it came time to hunt for food. Body language and other cues where absolutely imperative to be successful in making a kill. It took close teamwork to outwit their prey. A kind of mindset among the wolves seems very plausible.
As with humans, a very close relationship at times makes it seem possible to read another's mind. This was most likely the case with the wolves also in the form of an enhanced sixth sense or telepathic communication between pack members. This enhanced sixth sense would also be used to determine the fear level of the wolve's prey. Combined with scent cues and body language, the wolves had plenty of info on how to proceed with acquiring their prey. It was part of the key to the survival for their species.
As we know now, dogs are the direct descendants of the Gray wolf so it would stand to reason that they would also share this trait of telepathic communication. We do know that as with the wolf their other senses such as hearing and sense of smell are highly developed also, many times over that of a human's. Many of us have also experienced what we felt was a form of sixth sense communication with our dogs. This telepathic sense has also been observed with dogs and the disabled or young/elderly. Dogs have also been known to sense when a person is up to ill will or when a catastrophe such as a hurricane or earthquake was about to happen.
 Recently a study was done and written up in the journal of "Learning and Behavior" about canine behavior. The Purpose of the study was done to determine the origins of exactly how it is that dogs respond to human gestures and was conducted by researchers from the University of Florida. This was done by specifically focusing on what was referred to as "attentional states" developed by lead researcher, Monique Udell.
 A group of dogs were used in one test and a group of wolves in another to determine if there might be a genetic link between the dogs and the wolves. They also wanted to rule out a genetic barrier that would prevent the wolves from responding as the dogs did. Both wolves and dogs were given the choice to beg for food from a person with her face or eyes concealed, versus one whose attention was fixed solely on the animals.
 What they found out is that both the dogs and the wolves were less likely to beg for food from the researchers who had their faces/eyes concealed to them. This indicates a "capacity to behave in accordance with a human's attentional state." In layman's terms, most of the dogs and wolves displayed some kind of possibly inherent ability to sense how people were acting.
 This really should come as no surprise to those of us who are familiar with canine and wolf behavior. Thousands of years of developing the wolf into a fine tuned hunter and a loving pack member would most definitely play a part in this enhanced ability of a sixth sense.




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