24 Mar
Promised land
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mattdamonPromised Land is the new contemporary drama directed by Gus Van Sant who also directed Good Will Hunting.. Matt Damon plays Steve Butler, an ace corporate salesman who is sent accompanied by his partner, Sue Thomason (Frances McDormand), to close a key rural town in his company's expansion plans to drill the area for Coal Seam Gas. 
The rural town has been hit hard by the economic decline of recent years so the two outsiders see the local citizens as likely to accept their company's offer, for drilling rights to their properties, as much-needed relief. What seems initially like an easy job for the duo becomes complicated by the objection of a respected schoolteacher (Hal Holbrook) with support from a grassroots campaign led by another man (John Krasinski), as well as the interest of a local woman (Rosemarie DeWitt). 
Promised Land explores America at the crossroads where big business and the strength of small-town community converge, and is particularly important in Australia too as the controversy over Coal Seam Gas is rising. 
This movie shows the extreme methods large corporations go to white-wash consumers and poor land holders into signing away their rights and their livelihood. It is a sobering movie that everyone should see in order to gain insights into the corporate mind.
Many of you may have also seen the documentary “Gasland” which also outlined the horrendous destruction of our farm lands for corporate greed. 
We live in sad and challenging times and it seems that the dark-side of the human psyche is controlling much of our lives. Sadly, you will discover that this movie is not easy to find, despite the fact that it is well produced and has well known actors. It seems the face-less corporate bodies have tried to repress and suppress this movie... So I urge you to find a cinema where it is showing and if not, find the DVD or download it... It is a definite Must Watch for anyone with a heart!
You will also find several blogs on the internet stating that the movie has “bombed” at the box-office. I would suggest this is purely because people cannot find a cinema where it is showing. Sad days indeed!
Please check your local media for cinemas showing this movie. Check this link below to watch the famous Gasland Documentary:




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