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Welcome to  Our website -- Find Your Psychics!  and our eZine, Circle of Stones...Please browse through all the categories and get to know our many talented artists, writers, healers and spiritual workers.
 We are constantly updating our site adding new categories and new information. We are evolving, and the site is expanding to include new contributors and more. We welcome your feedback. Let us know what you'd like to see, or read about; Find Your Psychics is about us all working together to anchor the light into our world. So keep popping back to see the new articles, new information and new listings.
We also offer you an opportunity to "vote" for the best psychics in our annual Peoples' Choice Psychic Awards. These awards are calculated by our computer and are based on public interest. Every time you "click" onto a listing this is counted by the computer and the psychics, healers, artists and authors you "vote" for are given our annual award each year. Your privacy is assured, because our computer does not note who you are but merely counts the "hits" each listing receives. You will see the logo next to each of the "winners" in the various categories. We also offer a comprehensive "overview" of our magnificent winners.

This is my Editor's Note which I try to update regularly, Please keep checking back for new updates.

3)  Find Your Psychics does not spam, nor do we sell on email addresses. Be assured that any member of this website who participates in cyber bullying, sharing or publishing private emails/letters, gossiping, telling fibbers and attacking others for any reason whatsoever, will be immediately and permanently removed from our listings. There is no negotiation on this. You will notice several alleged "psychics * empaths * Shamans" who have been listed previously, are now missing from these pages. Know that FYP has done this for good reason and to maintain the high standards and ethics of our website. We take this seriously and are always happy to receive your feed back.
If you are one of our listed Psychics, please contact me if you would like to contribute an article to our eZine. I will happily send you the guidelines.
Happy trails... Lesley